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Cutting-edge innovation
Xin'an has an independent R&D center, a cutting-edge and innovative design team, and a highly competitive comprehensive R&D capability, with IoT industrial control and IoT smart home as the main research directions。
We uphold innovative, high-quality and efficient design concepts, and are committed to the research and development of new smart controllers。
R & D technical achievements and honorary awards
Research and develop innovative products
Smart controller
Washing machine PBA / Refrigerator PBA / Air purifier PBA / Toilet PBA
Solar inverter PBA / car inverter PBA / inverter fan PBA / hall bar PBA
R & D test equipment

FT800 test equipment

Flexible testing equipment to solve non-standard testing problems in the industry

Ultrasonic welding machine

The first self-developed ultrasonic equipment


BLDC frequency conversion technology

Programmable power meter

Fully digital programmable AC variable frequency power supply

Complete reliability testing capabilities
  • high-pressure test

    EMC test

    Software simulation

  • Constant temperature and humidity

    High and low temperature

    Thermal shock

  • Vibration test

    Salt spray test

    Aging test

  • Burning test

    Electric tracking test

    Glow wire test

    Needle Flame Test

  • Microscope test

    Two-dimensional test

    X-Ray inspection

  • Push-pull force experiment

    Stress test

    Metallographic cutting

Xin'an Innovation Research Institute has complete research and development hardware facilities and EMC experimental equipment, which can provide complete reliability analysis tests and certifications of electronic materials, and provide sufficient guarantee for product development and quality.
The R&D laboratory has invested more than 10 million yuan in total, and the total value of equipment and instruments has reached more than 6 million yuan. Including: infrared temperature tester, lightning strike, surge pulse group, electrostatic simulation tester, ion pollution tester, power drop tester, dynamometer, ROHS tester, 3D X-RAY tester, etc.
  • Contact
  • switchboard:0512-65780888
  • address:111 Kangyuan Road, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Xin'an official WeChat public account

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