The number of Vuzix Blade applications increased to 45 to support micro-messaging and jitter

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摘要:近日,Vuzix宣布Vuzix Blade AR智能眼镜的原生应用数增至45个以上,目前这类型的应用是越来越多了,并且慢慢的支持微信和抖音,可以说是非常贴近国人的生活了。

Recently, Vuzix announced that the number of native applications of Vuzix Blade AR smart glasses has increased to more than 45. At present, there are more and more applications of this type, and support Weixin and tremble slowly, which can be said to be very close to the lives of Chinese people. It is reported that the application of Blade platform is diversified enough, including video streaming, news and weather, browser, social platform, consumer life, utility and so on. Blade is known to support a variety of mainstream social platform applications, such as Facebook Lite, Wechat, Trickle (Overseas Edition) and Tumblr. In addition, it supports Yelp, Yuge, Extratory, Mercari Lens Beta and other shopping, food, life applications, as well as remote collaborative office applications Zoom, Remote Eye, Gemvision. In addition: Netflix, Amazon Prime video service, NBA, Roku, Spectrum TV, VLC, Ted speech, AccuWeather, New York Times, Washington Post, Vuzix news, Mozilla Firefox, Dolphin, Xinjiang UAV control software, Sirius XM, Bubble Level, Doc Viewer document viewing tool, voice assistant, ScreenCas TApp, Scoreboard, Spotify, etc. At present, the Vuzix Blade application development competition is also under way, with more than 85 participants.

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