VR resource platform launched by QQ browser VR – Tencent

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【V R 美女】:美人在侧、欲罢不能,体验近在咫尺的心跳;
【极限运动】:飞天遁地、终极挑战,追求灵魂出窍的酷爽 。

Thousands of games, virtual life:
[action battle]: gun battle, firepower open, fighting to the dark and anhydride dripping;
[adventure trip]: deep in the cage, explore the polar region, adhere to the moment of fear to escape from the sky;
[extreme speed competition]: crazy skyrocketing, flying, the pursuit of galloping. Speed of life and death;
[Recreation and entertainment]: Beach parties, seaside fishing, indulge in a beautiful second life.

Powerful Player, Perfect Experience:
[Format Full Compatibility]: Perfect support for panoramic, 2D, 3D video formats;
[Smoother and more power-saving]: support for a variety of decoding methods, smooth playback more power-saving;
[Ultra-clear and flow-saving]: leading video coding technology, higher clarity, lower network requirements Ask.

QQ browser VR download:

QQ Browser VR PC Edition: Official Download

QQ Browser VR Android Edition: Netdisk Download

Official website: http://vrbrowser.qq.com/

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