The most powerful VR public speech simulation application Ovation to publish gear VR is dwarfed.

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最强VR公共演讲模拟应用Ovation发布 gear vr相形见绌。据可靠消息称,本周发布的支持RiftVive的新应用程序Ovation将是迄今为止最全面的公开演讲模拟器。它不仅提供身临其境的体验,还提供专为语音后分析和反馈设计的后端工具套件,功能和效果非常强大和显着。

虚拟现实 免费 VR技术 VR体验 VR

Ovation design considers large-scale deployment and real data-based training. Ovation provides a highly configurable experience for practicing your public speaking. The scene ranges from a few people in the conference room to a large group of people in the conference hall. Since most public speeches are supported by some kind of preparatory material, you can import a series of "speech items" that can be plain text, which can be placed on a virtual recording card or a word machine, PowerPoint slides and PDFs, which can be displayed on projectors and screens, and imported images, and drawings on whiteboards. 。

You can also use demonstration tools and equipment, such as microphones, laser indicators, demonstration remote controls (which promote virtual presentation slides), and even draw on a whiteboard during demonstrations.

虚拟现实 免费 VR技术 VR体验 VR

Record all the content of your conversation, including your audio, action, status of presentation materials and information about your performance. When you practice speaking, Ovation can provide real-time feedback, such as how often you use filler words ("um"), etc. Ovation has a cloud platform and provides all of this through the portal site. Some data, which means that you can watch the presentation and analyze the data without wearing a headset or even using a VR-enabled computer. This smart touch is a blessing for usability and correctly sets up Ovation for practical enterprise use.

虚拟现实 免费 VR技术 VR体验 VR

The most powerful VR public speech simulation application, Ovation, is dwarfed by gear vr. Ovation benefits from VR rather than just providing immersive simulation for speakers. VR motion tracking can capture and analyze data more easily. Otherwise, the data can not be measured even in real video of voice practice. This new application solves this series of problems. For example, gaze distribution and optimal microphone location can be easily measured automatically and accurately in VR, not to mention real-time feedback such as filler words and hand movements. In view of the fact that this product has just been released, whether its function is really as described in the introduction, I do not know, this can only wait for feedback from users.

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