To promote the development of domestic VTuber, Tori Tori will join hands with Japan GREE Group or promote diffuse VR videos

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为推动国内VTuber发展 哔哩哔哩携手日本GREE集团 或推动漫VR视频。10月30日,日本GREE集团发表声明,表示将与中国最大、人气最旺的动漫视频平台Bilibili进行深度合作,并同时和一些VR公司合作,研发虚拟现实“二次元”世界。意在大力推动日本、中国的虚拟UP主(VTuber)以及手机端VTuber VR Game的业务发展。

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As the first project of cooperation, Wright Flyer Live Entertainment (WFLE) of GREE Group will work with Bilibili on the VTuber Club's Game Department Project and VTuber's Daoming Temple Beloved (Daoming Temple).

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In 2017, GREE formulated the "engine x global" strategic policy. While strengthening its own game development engine, GREE also cooperated with other well-known IP companies to promote global business contacts. According to GREE, Blibili is the leading player in China's secondary market. There are many users who like Japanese animation and secondary content. This has a high affinity with our policy, so we hope to cooperate with Blibili.

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GREE's Wright Flyer Live Entertainment (WFLE) is currently taking into account a number of VTuber businesses. These include the VTuber Live Platform `REALITY', their own VTuber ``True', and so on. In addition, WFLE has also helped other companies to accumulate popularity among well-known virtual idols such as Super Sony, and provided live video broadcasts for popular VTuber communities such as.

At the press conference, the head of GREE said that many VTuber and VTuber fans have gradually emerged in China. Bilibili will contribute to the investment and development of related enterprises, provide a live video broadcasting platform, cooperate with VTuber channel commentary, and provide the best quality content for Chinese users.

With regard to this cooperation, WFLE said that through cooperation with Bilibili, the birthplace of China's young culture and a large number of users, the number of VTuber fans in China will grow rapidly, and then through VR technology, video will be pushed to users in the form of VR video, so that users can immerse themselves in the real "second yuan" with VR glasses. In the world, experience the real charm of animation.

In order to promote the development of domestic VTuber, Torry Torry will join hands with Japan GREE Group or promote diffuse VR video. As an important part of future business development, WFLE's "REALITY" will be provided in Blibili's video platform in Japan and China at the same time, so that the people of both countries can easily use the software. But it's still planned.

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