“Zen Studios VR” series launched free DLC VR glasses to enhance the effect

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《Zen Studios VR》系列推出免费DLC VR眼镜效果提升。发行商Perp Games发布的《Zen Studios VR》系列游戏现已在欧洲上市,早期版本适用于PS VR,并且正打算开发北美市场。开发商还透露,本作将与《Pinball FX 2 VR》的免费DLC捆绑在一起,像外国这种附赠DLC的现在很罕见了,因为美国很多人都很重视自己。

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"Zen Studios VR" series is one of the "Zen Studios" series of VR games. It has experienced round after round of VR evaluation before it is ready to release, including "Out of Ammo", "Castle Storm VR", "Infinite Minigolf VR" and "Pinball FX2 VR". Developers Zen Studios and publisher Perp Games have now announced that additional tables for Pinball FX2 VR will be included in the DLC.

虚拟现实 游戏 VR游戏 VR一体机 VR

The original release of Pinball FX2 VR in the Zen Studios VR series includes three tables. After wearing VR glasses, the three tables can make players feel that the game is very rich. Later, with the release of downloadable content, it will be adjusted to eight, and the first version of the DLC package of Pinball FX 2 VR will be released, which includes the following: Wild West Crash? Castlestorm? Biolab? Supernatural Phenomenon? Mel Kirk, Vice President of Earth Defense, said: "We see how virtual reality changes the future of the game, and Zen is happy to be successful. For the leading developers and distributors of high quality VR games. We can't wait to bring this interesting VR series into the hands of more PS VR gamers and expand the retail market, and the partnership with Perp Games has achieved this goal.

"Zen Studios is an interesting and exciting product and one of the market leaders," said Rob Edwards, M.D., of Perp Games. We are very happy to bring these games to the retail market and let all people who like physical products experience these four wonderful games. Good things are not always easy to get, wait for the release of this game.

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