Master Lu’s VR evaluation tool – for mobile VR (no running score)

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Image processing
and "image processing" naturally represents the effect of image processing in mobile VR games. In Lu Master's VR test, users are required to complete the test of three test points, which is precisely to test their image processing ability.

评测 手机VR 性能 VR

VR performance
Finally, "VR performance" is linked to the hardware performance of mobile phones. It includes three test items: VR Multithreading I, VR Multithreading II and VR Logic Performance.

评测 手机VR 性能 VR

From the screenshot, we can see that besides the function testing, the VR of Lu Master is mainly the performance score. However, Lu Master said that they would not publish the list of the specific performance of VR mobile phone, because "the real data of users is needed, not the laboratory data".

Interested can download Lu Master VR evaluation score bar, currently only support Android version.

Master Lu VR evaluation download:

Lu Master VR Evaluation Android Edition: Baidu Disk (Extraction Code: v734)

Master Lu's official VR website:

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