Valve publishes Valve Index component CAD files for developers

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摘要:6月28日,Valve正式发布了Valve Index头显,在短短几分钟内预订便已售罄。为了鼓励模组和硬件专家为Valve Index开发专有附件,扩展头显的功能,Valve向公众发布了Valve Index VR系统(控制器,头显和基站)中三种主要产品的CAD组件,允许开发者修改设备的主要组件。

On June 28, Valve officially released the Valve Index headliner, and the booking was sold out in just a few minutes. In order to encourage module and hardware experts to develop proprietary accessories for Valve Index and expand the function of Head Display, Valve has released CAD components of three main products of Valve Index VR system (controller, Head Display and Base Station) to the public, allowing developers to modify the main components of the device. CAD components include: high-resolution STP files modeled with low-resolution STL files for quick viewing and exploring related geometric graphics, size illustrations, accessories introductory guide, the most attractive hardware developers are & ldquo; Frunk & rdquo; components, scalable USB 3A ports, located at the front of the header, 1A @ 5 V. For manufacturers wishing to connect electronics to the head display exterior, Valve recommends using USB cables directly from the side to the eye to adjust the knob to minimize the possibility of occlusion. Customizable & ldquo; frunk & rdquo; Head show is the highlight of the module. Whether it's an additional manual tracking sensor, a higher quality front-end camera, or a simple LED display, developers can do enhanced development. You can even use the T6 Torx driver to remove the spring needle to separate the head display built-in audio. Since each input part of the controller has capacitive sensing: thumb joystick, track button, trigger, handle and button, Valve recommends keeping the input function surface clear. For this reason, Valve includes an example attachment called Booster, which is a shell for the grip part of the wrapping controller and is very suitable for players with big hands and longer thumbs. The main body of this enhanced controller allows players to have more control over the long course of the game. This add-on supports development without interrupting any trace or input. Steam VR 2.0 Base Station, Valve confirms that the thread size is 1/4 & ldquo; - 20, which is the standard size for most installation seats and equipment.

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