Macy’s Department Store cooperates with Marxent to provide furniture VR evaluation to more than 70 of its stores.

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梅西百货与Marxent合作 向旗下70多家门店提供家具VR评测。美国零售公司梅西百货宣布与虚拟现实(VR)公司Marxent合作,将在美国各门店加入大约70个VR评测装置,为消费者提供家具VR评测功能。该公司希望利用VR技术帮助客户做出明智的购买选择。

虚拟现实 VR全景 VR体验 VR一体机 VR

Macy's previously launched VR as a pilot in three of its stores. As a result, sales of furniture in these stores increased by more than 60% and returns dropped to less than 2%. This shows that VR system is popular because it allows customers to visualize their space more accurately.

Macy's has been looking for ways to bring excitement and new experiences to our customers. Through Macy's VR furniture experience, we provide customers with a new way to visualize the choice of a large number of furniture products. By using VR headlights, customers are allowed to design their living space and immerse themselves in the virtual rooms they create. Hal, President of Macy's Department Store? Hal Lawton said: "Virtual reality is a practical application that has proven to be able to promote sales and is an excellent example of the combination of technology and humanization.

Beck Besecker, co-founder and CEO of Marxent, said: "With Macy's VR furniture experience, customers can use Playstation VR to convert the 2D plane to 3D in real time." Macy's Furniture VR is an easy-to-use application that consumers have many choices. This technology reduces the rate of return, and VR provides customers with a true full-channel experience.

虚拟现实 VR全景 VR体验 VR一体机 VR

Users of VR furniture experience display more furniture for their choice through small space stores.

The company is also conducting an experiment on Augmented Reality (AR), called See Your Space IRL. This technology allows customers to place virtual furniture in real life space.

See Your Space IRL can now be downloaded from the Apple App Store, compatible with the iPhone 7 or later. The Android version is scheduled for release in 2019.

Messi and Marxent cooperate to provide furniture VR evaluation to more than 70 stores. Messi Department Store is one of the largest retail companies in the United States and has always been the leader of the retail industry. The VR evaluation is really good for furniture buyers. Looking forward to the early success of the company's other products! And this technology will be introduced to the world to facilitate all consumers around the world.

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