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LeVR COOL1)配套的软件,其实适用于任何手机VR头显设备,如:google cardboard,乐视VR内置了在线VR Video,提供3D全景播放,支持多种VR模式。这种介绍有点千遍一律了,跟之前发布过的 Orange VR、 VR housekeeperParadise KingdomVR hot seeding3D BroadcastingStorm MirrorSpiritual Mirror CinemaIQY VRVR800 很类似,视频内容上重复也很多。

Of course, Lexus VR has its own content, such as "Oriental Wind and Cloud List" VR live broadcasting, the first VR reality show "The Bee Girls Team" and the full live broadcast of Lexus VR two sessions
5. In the current situation of VR video content shortage, the next is the copyright war of VR video/live content.

The VR characteristics of Le Video:

High-quality push: With new high-quality content, Xiaobian will be immediately pushed to everyone's eyes.

Professional Technology: Support 2D/3D/Theatre/Monocular/Binocular 360 degree modes, your cinema is your choice

Extreme Speed Online Video: Built-in Panoramic Video Resources, Advanced Film Slicing Technology, Extreme Speed Loading, Enjoyable Experience

VR glasses are fully compatible: in addition to Le VR Cool 1, it supports the distortion effect of various VR head glasses.

User experience: refreshing, simple interface makes human experience, intrusive experience lets users experience virtual world in their own hands

Shock Panoramic Channel: Second yuan, tourism, education, stars and other wonderful VR panoramic source, 360 degrees without dead corner experience Cool panoramic content


Android Edition: Baidu Disk Download

IOS Version: Not on the shelf

Official website: http://vr.letv.com/

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