Luckya 6037s Tale – “Nintendo Style” 3D Action Adventure VR Game

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《拉齐的传说》内置在Oculus Rift,作为Oculus Rift消费者版本附赠的VR游戏,所以无需购买就可以免费玩到。

Playful Studio was originally founded in 2013 as Verse Inc. In addition to Lucky's Tale, the company also agreed to develop Creativerse for Rift, an open world sandbox game that will be launched on Steam in the second half of this year.

动作 冒险 免费 VR游戏 Oculus Rift 3D

Game play:

The Legend of Lazi is a 3-D action adventure game. Like all VR games, Lazi's Legend is "in the game". It has the charm and pleasant design level of Nintendo classic games. Players in the game can view it in a third person. Down the corner, we see our protagonist, the little fox, repelling the enemy, avoiding the rotating nails, jumping over the island, and using jump or tail flick attacks.

动作 冒险 免费 VR游戏 Oculus Rift 3D

Players can also use Oculus River's position tracking function to tilt forward to get a closer view of the lovely, furry fox.

动作 冒险 免费 VR游戏 Oculus Rift 3D

Oculus Rift Plays The Legend of Lazie

Game plot:

The play of Lazi's Legend is set in the beginning when Lucky's good friend Piggy is captured by the devil Glorp, and our task begins. This is the basic plot of the game, which does not give too detailed description of the prologue and the end of the short story. Others, on the other hand, try to create a world view, and then fill it with a variety of characters and a few legends. The Legend of Lazi seems more wild in this respect.

The Legend of Lazie E3 Trailer

Game Evaluation:

Wearing a VR helmet, you can look around intuitively and adjust the camera. With clear visual effects, interesting character designs and a positive atmosphere, Lucky in the game waved to you as she stood, quite like Nintendo's red and white machine game.

动作 冒险 免费 VR游戏 Oculus Rift 3D

You'll be surprised. Yes, VR is a gimmick. VR Head-mounted Display is quite flexible and free, it can provide players with a good view of action at any time. I appreciate the fact that I can observe the dangers around me with a slight tilt of my head without moving the somatosensory handle, which greatly improves the game experience.

Game download:

Download address: Oculus Home

Support for VR devices: Oculus Rift

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