VIVEPORT M Mobile VR Mall Common Questions Summary

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Q: What is Viveport M?
答:Viveport M是为您带来丰富VR体验的应用商城。它不仅提供Vive VR内容,还提供移动VR内容。

Question: How to get Viveport M?
Answer: Chinese users can download Viveport M from PP assistant or Lust VR to your mobile phone.

Q: What are the requirements of Viveport M for the system?
Answer: Android platform Viveport M requires Android version 5.0 or more. Of course, in order to get the best VR experience in Viveport M, we recommend using a 5-6 inch screen with a resolution higher than 1920 x 1080.

Q: What kind of head-mounted display should Viveport M be used with?
Answer: Viveport M currently supports all head-mounted displays that can run cardboard content. If the content is designed for head-mounted displays, it can also run in storm glasses and friends.

Q: Why do I recommend installing Youku VR?
Answer: Youku VR provides a wide range of video resources to create an immersive 360-degree stimulating experience for you. We also selected 360 videos from Youku VR. You can search and play directly from Viveport M.

Login Related

Q: What is the HTC account?
Answer: HTC account is a set of membership system of HTC. With this account, you can enjoy different HTC services. If you log in with an HTC account, we will protect your right to shop and download in Viveport M.

Q: How do I get an HTC account?
Answer: There are many ways to get an HTC account. After installing Viveport M in
, click the login key on the home page. Create an HTC account according to the instructions shown, or log in to your social account to complete registration.
You can also click on the function item on the left and find the registration channel at the bottom, create an HTC account according to the instructions, or login to your social account to complete the registration.

Q: I forgot my HTC password. Can I reset it?
Answer: Yes. Just click "Forget your password" on the registration screen. All right. Complete password reset as directed.

Question: Why can't the links in the "Reset your HTC account password" email be opened?
Answer: There are many reasons that can lead to the expiration or invalidation of web pages. For example, if you do not operate a web page within an hour, in order to protect your account security, the link will expire.

Question: What should I do if I don't receive or can't find an email with a reset password?
Answer: In this case, you can reset your password only if you register an HTC account with an email rather than a social account. Please open your spam or re-click "Forget your password?" Get mail again.

Q: Why can't I log on to my HTC account?
Answer: If you register your HTC account by mail, make sure you enter the correct email address and password. If you forget your password, you can click "Reset your HTC account password" to complete the secret reset. If you are registered with HTC via social media, make sure you enter the same social account.

Q: Is there an age limit for registering HTC accounts? A 6033 A: Yes. The minimum age for registering HTC accounts is 14 years old. Age is also required for each item. On the same page where you purchased the product, you can see the age limit in the content rating.


Q: How do I buy content in Viveport M?
Answer: Click "Free" or "Price Label" on the content details page to complete the purchase. At this point, you need to log in to your HTC account. Follow the instructions to complete the next steps.

Q: How do I create a personal security code?
Answer: Open Viveport M and log in to your HTC account. Click on the function item on the left to enter the account and select the security code settings. Change/update your 4-bit security code as prompted.

Q: Why can't I complete the purchase?
Answer: Make sure that all the information you fill in is correct. If you use paypal or Alipay to pay, please make sure that the balance in your account is enough to complete the transaction.

Q: How can I find my shopping list?
Answer: There are many ways to open your shopping list.
Viveport M: Enter library or account & gt; login HTC account & gt; Enter historical order.
Viveport Online Mall: login HTC account & gt; enter the library.
Viveport desktop application: login to HTC account & gt; enter library.

Q: What is Viveport's refund policy?
Answer: Once all purchases are completed, they cannot be changed and refunded unless there is a technical failure in the product content itself or in the download process. Contact help. xsolla. com to ask our customer service or apply for a refund. If you apply for a refund, you need to provide the order number. The number of points purchased can not be changed, refunds are not supported, transferable and exchangeable.

Question: Can I get the invoice after I buy it?
Answer: No. If the purchase is completed online, invoices will not be provided. You will receive an email as a receipt after the purchase is completed.


Q: How do I start to enjoy mobile VR content?
Answer: There are many ways to choose from in Viveport M.
opens from the library: Open Viveport M and click on the function item on the left to find the library and view the purchased mobile VR content. Just click "Open" to start the experience. Make sure you wear a head-mounted display when you turn it on.
is turned on in the head-mounted display: when you wear the head display, watch or tap to select the open mode. Then you can see what you bought.

Q: Can I start VR content on Viveport M?
Answer: No, you need to buy a Vive device to start VR content. You can access Vive software at

Problem handling

Question: The screen in the VR experience doesn't look right. What should I do?
Answer: In order to get the best experience in Viveport, we recommend using a mobile phone with a screen of 5-6 inches and a resolution of more than 1920 x 1080. However, here are some steps that you can continue to adjust.
checks the location of the viewer's mobile phone. The midline of the application screen should be aligned with the viewer's center.
checks compatibility. Make sure your smartphone is compatible with Viveport M. Android Viveport M requires Android 5.0 or more.

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