“My World VR” – Move a brick in the virtual world (with Gear VR extract downloaded)

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微软 出品。《我的世界》想必大家都很熟悉了,游戏的原开发者是瑞典工作室 Mojang,游戏火到一塌糊涂后微软就收购掉了这家工作室。

视觉 沙盒 VR游戏

I have to admit that My World is one of the most successful Games in history. It crushes many so-called masterpieces with high degree of freedom and gameplay, and its unique visual effects radiate infinite charm.

There have been many reports about the VR version of My World. You can see the experience of VR version of My World: "The foreman calls you to move bricks", "My World VR" is the best product of Oculus, and "My World" will be launched on HTC Vive platform.

In My World VR, you feel you have entered a fantastic world. The world presented by the game is not gorgeous pictures and special effects, but focused on the game. The whole game has no plot. Players build and destroy freely in the game. Through building blocks like Lego, they can easily make cabins, castles and even cities. But with the imagination of players, the city of the sky and the city of the underground can also be realized.

"My World VR" offers two modes, Cinema mode and virtual reality mode. Of course, you have to experience virtual reality mode. However, it is estimated that you will feel dizzy and vomiting after playing for a long time. Gear VR version also needs a separate Bluetooth game handle to play.

My World VR supports multiple platforms: Oculus Rift / HTC VIVE / Gear VR ($6.99), and Microsoft's Solo Lens version.

My World VR Video:

My World VR Player Trial Video

My World VR Download:

"My World VR" Gear VR Edition Download: Baidu Disk | Oculus Home Store Purchase

Note: Baidu Disk downloads the APK extract version, without purchase, installation can play.

Run the game method: download the ES file manager
1, open the application
1, find the Minecraft Gear VR game, run.

My World VR Oculus Rift Edition Download: Not for Sale

My World VR HTC VIVE Edition Download: Not for Sale

Holo Lens Edition of My World: Not for Sale

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