U.S. Army and Microsoft Co-developed IVAS AR Head Show

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In order to improve soldiers'training and battlefield performance, Microsoft is developing a set of vision-enhancing glasses, which can provide real-time information about comrade-in-arms location, battlefield markers, thermal sensation and night vision, and even display the wearer's simulated enemies. In November 2018, the U.S. Army signed a $480 million contract with Microsoft to provide the U.S. Army with a special version of the Solo Lens 2 smart AR glasses, a custom-made smart glasses for soldiers called Integrated Vision Enhancement System (IVAS). The system was first tested in April 2019. Recently, the U.S. Army tested the AR in Pittsburgh, Virginia, but the service hopes to eventually put spectacle soldiers on the battlefield, where they will provide an integrated web feed of information with their people, giving them a decisive advantage in the battlefield. It is understood that soldiers can see a lot of information including battlefield information, 3D image information and their location through the lens screen. It also has the function of day-to-day and night vision, which can not only enhance the army's lethality, but also enhance the soldiers'perception of the surrounding environment, improve the ability to identify enemy troops, and avoid injuring civilians by mistake. The role of IVAS is not just in the battlefield. According to Military Deputy Chief McCarthy, the smart glasses will also be used to collect training data for ordinary soldiers and help improve their shooting skills. It is reported that Microsoft has delivered 50 IVAS ARs to the Army in March, and plans to complete the development of IVAS ARs in November.

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