VIVE Cosmos is listed at 700 pounds at major UK retailers

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摘要:HTC即将推出的PC VR头显VIVE Comos已确认将于2019年第三季度推出。近日英国零售商Argos透露了VIVE Cosmos价格为 699.99英镑。

The upcoming PCVR headliner VIVE Comos of HTC has been confirmed to be launched in the third quarter of 2019. Argos, a British retailer, recently revealed that VIVE Cosmos costs 699.99 pounds. The new design of VIVE Cosmos is equipped with six camera sensors instead of the four sensors previously shown. Multi-cameras can provide a wider field of view for motion controllers in optical tracking systems. Four permanent fixtures, two fronts, two on the side. The other two are mounted on the top and bottom of the removable panel at an angle of 45 degrees. VIVE Cosmos is regarded as the next generation consumer PCVR headliner. With the new VIVE tracking technology, it can achieve extensive and accurate tracking, gesture control, and 6-DOF headliner and controller settings. VIVE Cosmos assures you that this is & ldquo; out-of-the-box & rdquo; and has an extraordinarily attractive VR experience. VIVE Cosmos uses a clearer screen so far, a new pixel-packed display screen, and a smaller screen window effect, providing a diamond-like quality of the picture, showing every detail vividly. At the end of June, HTC VIVE revealed that VIVE Cosmos uses LCD with a resolution of 2880 & times; 1770 (1440 & times per eye; 1700), which is 88% higher than the original HTC Vive. Other specifications include hinge design, six inside-out tracking cameras and 90 Hz refresh rate. It is said that VIVE Cosmos has & ldquo; modularization & rdquo; function and flip design. VIVE Cosmos will use HTC's own internal-external tracking version in its PC-based headset for the first time. It is called “ VIVE tracking system ”, which replaces the system used in the early PCVR header display of HTC.

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