Lightweight Norm AR glasses landing on Kickstarter platform

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摘要:Norm AR眼镜配备了可穿戴微型计算机,可运行基于Android的操作系统,支持语音激活技术,具有双扬声器,开耳式声音和全彩色显示器(HUD)。 Norm AR眼镜重30至36克,这使得它成为当前最轻的AR眼镜,甚至比大多数纯音频智能眼镜更轻。

Norm AR spectacles are equipped with wearable microcomputers, which can run Android-based operating systems, support voice activation technology, and have dual speakers, open-ear sound and full-color display (HUD). Norm AR glasses weigh 30 to 36 grams, making them the lightest AR glasses available today, even lighter than most pure audio smart glasses. Due to the integration of optical and electrical hardware into the ground, Norm AR glasses achieve the appearance of ordinary glasses. All components of Norm AR glasses are hidden in a lightweight framework, including CPU, memory, memory, batteries, speakers, microphones, cameras and optical systems that display digital information in the user's view. Norm AR glasses have a 20-degree view, which allows users to easily experience digital content without having to customize accessories. The frame supports shading lenses, polarizing lenses, transition lenses or prescription lenses. Norm glasses are paired with Android or iOS smartphones via Bluetooth. Dual speakers designed with open headphones mean that users can listen to audio while they understand the surrounding environment; intelligent volume control mechanism ensures that the volume does not affect nearby people. Norm AR glasses support users to dial and answer phones, listen to music, podcasts and audiobooks, manage e-mail and text, shoot and view videos and photos, update social media and so on. Applications can expand functionality as they do on smartphones, and support integration with multiple voice platforms. Users can keep communicating and get shared information in hands-free way without holding or touching the mobile phone. Norm glasses are expected to be delivered in January 2020.
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