Google will push three generations of AR glasses in 2020

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摘要:新一代Google Glass已开发完成,由供应链进行试量产,按照量产规划,估2020年中下旬可望上市。 报道称,第三代谷歌眼镜的设计更加轻量化,同时继续采用无线模式。

A new generation of Google Glass has been developed and trial-produced by the supply chain. According to the production plan, it is estimated that it will be on the market in the middle and late 2020. Reported that the third generation of Google Glasses design is more lightweight, while continuing to use wireless mode. In assembling the supply chain, Google Glasses has always been the responsibility of Quanta, but it is reported that Heshuo will likely enter the supply chain of Google and compete with Quanta for orders from Google. It is understood that Google first brought the first generation of Google glasses in 2013, but this consumer product ended in failure. The company began to shift its focus to the corporate market, bringing in the corporate version of Google Glasses in 2017, and then released the second-generation corporate version in May 2019. Quanta and Heshuo are both developing and manufacturing, but due to limited shipments of Google Glasses, they may end up being commissioned by only one of them, the report said. Neither company has commented. It is worth mentioning that Quanta's investment in AR glasses is huge. According to legend, the BU12 team responsible for the said products has hundreds of people, and is personally led by Vice Chairman Liang Zhizhen. Liang Tse-zhen is a graduate of Physics Department of Taiwan University. He is very familiar with the field of optics. Guangda Chairman Lin Baili has repeatedly praised Liang Zhouquake as an AR expert. In addition, Quanta participated in investing in Lumus, an Israeli optical company, in 2016. At the same time, the two sides reached an authorization agreement for Quanta to produce the lens with Lumus optical technology.

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