Apple is developing an AR smart glasses

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摘要:美国知名VR硬件和内容平台供应商Jaunt VR的创始人兼CTO阿瑟范霍夫(Arthur van Hoff)于本月加入苹果,担任某团队的高级架构师。

Arthur van Hoff, founder and CTO of Jaunt VR, a well-known American supplier of VR hardware and content platforms, joined Apple this month as a senior architect for a team. Jaunt VR was once the most famous enterprise in the field of VR film and television in the world. It is famous for its top VR cameras and excellent VR content library. Founded in September 2013, the company is headquartered in San Francisco, USA. It was founded by an excellent professional team from Disney, Lucas, Google, Stanford University, California Polytechnic University, IMAX and other well-known international institutions. Jaunt VR has also set up over-companies in China and promoted localized VR content. The first VR content library on the PSVR China platform was launched by their family. Arthur van Hoff left Jaunt at the end of 2018 and eventually chose Apple. Before Jaunt was founded, Van Hoff served as Flipboard's Chief Technology Officer, Dell's Chief Technology Officer for Software and Services, and TiVo's engineer. It's not clear what he's doing at Apple, but given his expertise in AR and VR, he's likely to join Apple's AR/VR project team. There are rumors that Apple is developing an AR smart glasses, which will be released as soon as 2020. There are also rumors that other AR/VR prototypes are being developed and that some VR products may be launched in the future. In addition, Van Hough, as a veteran of AR and VR multi-camera system video creation, has decades of experience in developing dual cameras and multi-camera products. So he could also help Apple develop future consumer-oriented deep-sensing camera devices or professional applications. Van Hoff is just one of several former Jaunt engineers Apple has hired in recent years.

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