Valve Index Suite Booking Books Over Expectations Will Extend Delivery Date

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Valve announced that the $1,000 Index suite (including Head Display, Controller and Base Tracker) had been cancelled due to overbooking and was not expected to be shipped until the end of September. For this reason, the company said & ldquo; initial bookings exceeded demand. & rdquo; Other inventories (without base station headers and controllers, and headers, controllers or base station packages) were also delayed, so that Valve eventually stopped accepting orders or providing expected delivery dates. All stocks except the complete suite and the base stations retain out-of-stock orders, and booking points are optional, but Valve says they will soon be able to get the top inventory. Valve also predicts that Index Head Show will be widely used in various countries around the world. Currently, the VR Head Show has been launched in 30 countries/regions of the United States and the European Union. Obviously, with the increasing availability of VR headers, Valve has focused on Index headers on the front page of Steam Store to improve visibility for all people who log on to the site. Thanks to Index ergonomic design, you can easily get the best visual effect. Index Head Display not only improves clarity, but also horizons. Valve said that they wanted most users to get a vision about 20 degrees larger than Vive's and clearly see that Index has the broadest and most desirable FOV. Index uses an LCD display with RGB sub-pixels, which has better fill factor/less screen door effect (SDE). Index significantly reduces SDE and improves resolution, which may be partly attributed to the larger exponential FOV (used to reduce pixel density compared with smaller FOV).

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