New Use of Virtual Reality: VR Office

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Original title: Virtual reality has a new use: VR Office

VR is not unfamiliar to everyone. Nowadays, VR technology is becoming more and more mature, and has begun to flourish in education, games, medical and other industries. And what we want to mention today is another area worthy of industry attention: the application of VR in the office field.   

Recently, a virtual reality research project team made an interesting experiment on how to use VR technology to help white-collar workers improve their work efficiency and release pressure. The researchers used HTC VR equipment to let 207 white-collar workers from Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai use VR to assist their work. After a month's test, up to 95.2% of white-collar workers indicated that VR equipment had good decompression effect and improved work efficiency, while the PSS pressure index of 207 testers also decreased.

New Use of Virtual Reality: VR Office

In fact, Telecommuting was proposed as early as the 1970s, and now VR office can be regarded as the future model of telecommuting. VR can create different office environments, such as spacious and bright virtual office which can make employees think agilely, blue seabed scene virtual office which can relieve emotions, and independent virtual office which can better help employees obtain work privacy. These factors can help employees get better working conditions and improve work output. Evan, head of the research group, said.   

Although this kind of test research has some limitations, it is not difficult to find that VR office has a certain feasibility. In fact, the application of VR in office has many visible benefits.

New Use of Virtual Reality: VR Office

1. Save the cost of real resources and the rent will no longer be included in the budget.

The most direct value of virtual office is that it no longer needs expensive office space. For startups, this will undoubtedly greatly reduce their entrepreneurial pressure, and make the use of personnel and resources more flexible. Like Taobao in the initial era of the Internet economy, without the pressure of facial location and rent, the whole industry structure will change rapidly and a large number of online stores will mushroom. The new rules will shift the economy. Virtual office is very similar to Taobao Store in essence. The director of the VR Center for Big Data Research mentioned that 65507

New Use of Virtual Reality: VR Office

2. Helping employees get rid of & ldquo; Face-to-face & rdquo; Work interference factors

In many cases, some introverted employees may be nervous in the face of multi-person meetings and lead to confusion. Psychologists believe that most of this tension comes from “ face-to-face ” pressure, such as a doubtful look, an inadvertent expression, while virtual meetings can effectively reduce this kind of “ face-to-face ” pressure, so that employees are in a highly concentrated state.

New Use of Virtual Reality: VR Office

3. Breaking geographical restrictions and attracting global talent.

One of the biggest advantages of virtual office is to break the geographical restrictions. Start-ups can get access to the world's top talent through VR office. The distance between Zhongguancun and Silicon Valley may be just one VR device. In addition, from a higher perspective, virtual office can also solve the problem of balanced development of talents in various regions, and no longer present the situation of centralized influx to first-tier cities.

4. Create a unique private working environment for each employee

Many modern offices are collective work. Independent, private and quiet working environment seems to be a luxury for ordinary employees. But the more top companies pay attention to office privacy, such as Google, Apple and so on. In the virtual world office can meet the needs of each employee to work independently, they can also better manage their own debris time, thereby improving work efficiency. For employees, VR office can be said to be the most coveted way of working: no need to squeeze the subway, no need to work at home.

Although the application of VR office seems to have a momentum of strength, we still need to think about this innovative application, such as how to maintain employee interaction in virtual office, how to establish employee relations, and so on. If these problems can be taken into account in the design of VR office system, the industry may take less detours.

As a person who has to go to work every day through the subway + bus + sharing bicycle, Mr. Jingjiejun hopes that VR office will be popularized as soon as possible. However, according to the current situation of VR industry, there are still many problems to be solved in this field, so we also need to continue to wait patiently.

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