Paramount Pictures will launch a series of VR experiences for offline VR

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Virtual reality can blur the boundaries between film entertainment and immersive entertainment, so it is not surprising that studios have been using VR to promote their IP works. Paramount Pictures has been working on Espionage in Disk 5: A Mysterious Country as early as 2015. Experience proved popular because VRWERX, the developer of Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul, announced that they were developing a new experience based on "Spy in Disk" IP. Today, Nomadic, an offline entertainment company, confirmed that they were involved in the project.

Paramount Pictures will launch a series of VR experiences for offline VR

For the cooperation between VRWERX and Nomadic, both sides will jointly develop location-based tactile multi-player VR games and use Nomadic's wireless system. As a standard content, VRWERX has been developing for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PSVR, while offline versions will match home versions.

Doug Griffin, founder and chief executive of Nomadic, said: "The tactile feedback spies experience that brings Nomadic and VRWERX together marks the next generation of offline entertainment experience. We are delighted to work with VRWERX and Paramount to bring this popular IP to a new form of entertainment.

The producers did not disclose the details of the game. We only know that the work will be based on the "Spy in the Disk" series and "Users will experience the legendary movie series in an unprecedented way". So maybe we'll be able to play the role of Tom Cruise, Ethan Hunt, as a secret agent on a secret mission.

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Alex Barder, co-managing partner of VRWERX, said: "We are delighted to work with the fantastic Nomadic team and bring our Espionage VR game to their revolutionary platform. Together with Nomadic, we can not only immerse audiences in the world of "spies on dishes", but also explore and travel in it, so as to raise their immersion to the level of so-called foresight."

It is reported that the "Espionage in Disk VR" experience will be presented in Orlando in the spring of 2019 with Nomadic's first project, "Arizona Sunshine: Contagion Z".

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