Tencent’s first self-developed PC VR show at the T-Day event

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At the T-DAY event held on December 8, Tencent demonstrated a VR header TenVR independently developed by Intelligent Innovation Business Department (Inlab) of Tencent IEG. The company's research and development period is about two years. It was exhibited at the GDC in the United States in March last year, and this is the first time it has appeared abroad in China.

Tencent's first self-developed PC VR show at the T-Day event

It is understood that TenVR is a 2K resolution PC VR head display with a refresh rate of 90Hz, carrying in-out tracking, and the front Slam camera can scan and identify the environment. In addition, the head display is equipped with a pair of VR handles.

At present, the VR header is still in the engineering verification version stage, and more detailed parameters have not yet been announced. According to the staff, the performance and experience of this headset meets the performance requirements of the current mainstream PC VR devices, but Tencent may not sell VR devices for sale in the future, but like Microsoft, host the output technology platform.

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