The Ministry of Culture and Brigade emphasizes the full use of VR/AI technology to create a three-dimensional dynamic display platform

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Original Title: Policy | Department of Cultural Brigade: Strengthen Scientific and Technological Support, Make Full Use of Virtual Reality to Build Three-dimensional Dynamic Display Platform

Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism officially issued Guidelines on Improving the Quality of Tourism Supply during Holidays and Peak Seasons. It is worth mentioning that the guideline proposes to strengthen scientific and technological support, encourage all regions to actively improve the level of Intelligent Tourism services, focus on promoting ticket online sales, self-service tourism services, and promote the realization of mobile phone application (APP) intelligent tour guide, electronic interpretation and other intelligent services in scenic spots above 4A level. Promote the development level of intelligent products, encourage the construction of intelligent scenic spots, make full use of virtual reality (VR), 4D, 5D and other artificial intelligence technology to create a three-dimensional, dynamic display platform, to provide tourists with online experience and tour route selection. The full text is as follows:

The Ministry of Culture and Brigade emphasizes the full use of VR/AI technology to create a three-dimensional dynamic display platform

Guidance of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Improving the Quality of Tourism Supply during Holidays and Peak Seasons

Cultural and Travel Resources Fair No. 100 [2018]

The administrative departments of culture and tourism of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, the Bureau of Culture, Sports, Press, Publication, Radio and Television, and the Bureau of Commerce (Tourism Bureau) of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:

Since the Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC, all localities have conscientiously implemented the requirements of the deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, focusing on meeting the people's tourism consumption needs, focusing on expanding the supply of tourism products, improving the level of tourism services, and significantly improving the overall efficiency of tourism and market satisfaction. However, with the advent of the era of mass tourism, the problems of travel difficulties, parking difficulties, garden entry difficulties, viewing difficulties, toilet difficulties are still outstanding, which directly affect the experience and comfort of tourists. In order to effectively improve the quality of holiday and peak tourism supply, the following suggestions are put forward.

I. Guiding Ideas

Deeply implementing the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC and the Second and Third Plenary Sessions of the Nineteenth Central Committee, adhering to the guiding ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping, implementing the new development concept, basing on the characteristics of mass tourism consumption, facing the needs of tourism development in the whole region, vigorously promoting the structural reform of tourism supply side, accurately grasping the law of centralized tourism consumption during holidays and peak periods, Strengthen regulation and guidance, promote high-quality supply, flexible supply and effective supply, effectively improve the level of tourism resources development, product construction and service management, continuously promote the high-quality development of tourism in China, and better meet the growing needs of the people for a better life of tourism.

Basic Principles

(1) People-oriented and service-oriented. Grasp the regular characteristics of holiday and peak tourism time concentration, tourists concentration, consumption concentration, load concentration and pressure concentration, guide the situation according to circumstances, actively adapt to the situation, strengthen the people-centered concept, take meeting the consumption needs of tourists for a better life as the core objective, insist on putting social benefits first, social benefits and economic benefits in a unified way, and effectively deepen it. Service awareness, improve service level and optimize service effect.

(2) Treat both the symptoms and the origin. Adhere to problem-oriented, aim at highlighting shortcomings, effectively implement countermeasures, increase the elastic supply of holiday and peak tourism products, through the increase of temporary facilities, timely guide diversion, increase personnel strength, prolong the opening time of tours and other effective means, the integration and allocation of multi-resources, and strive to improve the experience and comfort of tourists. At the same time, attention should be paid to strengthening top-level design, scientific planning, optimizing the overall spatial layout, product structure layout, consumption time layout, and promoting institutional reform and innovation of scenic spots.

(3) Guiding by wisdom and science. With wisdom tourism as the starting point, we will effectively improve the wisdom level of holiday and peak tourism product development, site management and comprehensive services. Using large data platform, we will strengthen early warning and forecasting, video surveillance, emergency command, traffic statistics, information analysis and other work to effectively guide tourists to travel, destination tours and accommodation consumption.

(4) Global supply and innovation promotion. Establish and improve the global tourism product system, management system, marketing system, public service system and policy guarantee system, focus on alleviating the pressure of traditional tourist attractions, expanding and enriching the supply of tourism products, advocating healthy and upward holiday leisure life, vigorously promoting technological innovation, business innovation, content innovation, mode innovation and management innovation of tourist destinations, and realizing diversification. Characterization, differentiation and connotative development.

III. Key Tasks

(1) Strengthen planning and layout. Strengthen the planning guidance of tourism resources development and product construction, scientifically adjust the spatial distribution pattern of regional tourism products, speed up the upgrading of tourism products, enrich the types of product supply, strengthen the use of intelligent tourism, alleviate the pressure of traditional scenic spots; strengthen the development and utilization of tourism resources in central and Western regions, enhance the selectivity, accessibility and tourist attractiveness, and alleviate the pressure of traditional scenic spots. Holiday tourism pressure in the eastern region. Strengthen the survey of tourism resources, improve the dynamic renewal and management mechanism of tourism resources, compile the classification catalogue of tourism products, and improve the guidance system of tourism consumption during holidays and peak periods. State-owned, collective, individual, foreign capital and other economic components are encouraged to participate in the global tourism product development, and enterprises are guided to continuously extend the industrial chain, upgrade the value chain and fulfill their social responsibilities. We will promote the establishment of a dynamic management mechanism for the protection and development of tourism resources and strictly implement the rigid requirements of the management and control of the maximum carrying capacity of scenic spots, the planning of eco-functional protected areas and the environmental impact assessment of resource development.

(2) Strengthen elastic supply. All localities should set up enough mobile toilets in areas with high density of people, allocate men's and women's toilets scientifically and rationally, and provide toilet navigation services. In key areas such as airport terminals, tourist distribution centers and scenic transfer stations, temporary traffic will be added, operation network will be encrypted, construction of shared transportation system will be promoted, transportation capacity will be effectively enhanced, and rapid evacuation and dredging will be carried out. Set up spare parking lots around scenic spots and commercial blocks, advocate the opening of parking lots in communities and social units, and increase the supply of temporary parking spaces. Additional temporary service windows such as ticket purchasing, ticket checking and consultation will be set up to expand equipment and facilities such as intelligent guide and emergency rescue. We will strengthen manpower allocation in transportation, sanitation and management, and mobilize and organize local community residents and tourism volunteers to participate in tourism reception services. On the basis of security and other guaranteed conditions, we should appropriately extend the opening time of tours, encourage the development of night tours, and increase the construction of rural residential quarters, self-driving barracks and one-day tours.

(3) Implementing three-dimensional regulation and control. Strengthen internal and external cooperation, closely link up with online and offline tourism enterprises, major tourist sources and other institutions and regions, carry out tourist flow analysis and prediction, and formulate Tourism Regulation and control plans in advance. Attention should be paid to the guidance of tourism consumption, timely introduction of new routes and new products, issuance of tourism consumption guides, broadening the space for tourism activities, and avoiding the uneven cooling and heating of tourism consumption and structural imbalance. Strengthen the information prompt, through the network, television, radio, mobile multimedia, intelligent terminals and other platforms, timely release travel real-time information such as accommodation and transportation, tickets to scenic spots, parking lots and other tourist destinations, guide tourists to arrange their trips reasonably, and avoid blind trips and concentrated trips due to information asymmetry. Effective implementation of management and control, strengthening the monitoring of highways leading to scenic spots, taking measures such as traffic control to divert and intercept, strictly implementing the management of maximum carrying capacity of scenic spots, and avoiding large-scale and long-term blockage. Optimize tour routes, scientifically set up diversion nodes and diversion time in scenic areas, reasonably set up snake-shaped diversion fence, implement hot spots landscape and amusement facilities reservation system, avoid the concentration of people and increase security risks.

(4) Strengthening scientific and technological support. Enhance the level of Intelligent Tourism management, strengthen data links and sharing with communication, transportation, scenic spots and other institutions, establish a platform for large data collection and analysis of holiday and peak tourism, and realize real-time monitoring of scenic spots, accommodation, roads and other tourism information. Encourage all localities to actively improve the level of Intelligent Tourism services, focus on promoting ticket online sales, self-service tourism services, and promote the realization of smart services such as mobile phone application (APP) guided tours, electronic interpretation and other smart services in scenic spots above 4A level. Promote the development level of intelligent products, encourage the construction of intelligent scenic spots, make full use of virtual reality (VR), 4D, 5D and other artificial intelligence technology to create a three-dimensional, dynamic display platform, to provide tourists with online experience and tour route selection.

(5) Do a good job in emergency rescue. All localities should improve the level of safety and security, coordinate the safety inspection of high-risk projects and facilities such as cruise ships, cable cars and cableways, and strengthen the safety protection of dangerous areas. We will improve our emergency response capabilities and effectively conduct drills to deal with special situations such as sudden disasters, outage of facilities and bad weather. Improve the comprehensive rescue capacity, and establish an emergency rescue linkage mechanism with relevant medical institutions and rescue agencies. Enhance self-prevention awareness, provide safety propaganda, safety education and safety tips to tourists through various media, mobile terminals, scenic spots guide system, and focus on strengthening the safety guidance of individual tourists, self-driving tourists, individual explorers, etc.

(6) Improving the supply system. We should firmly grasp the characteristics of accelerating the upgrading of tourism consumption, vigorously promote the structural reform of the supply side of tourism, adhere to the global tourism development mode, through the implementation of the strategy of “ tourism +” expand the supply of products, create product brands, and improve product quality. We will intensify the construction of new forms of tourism, and focus on developing cultural experience tourism, rural residential tourism, leisure and vacation tourism, ecological harmony tourism, urban shopping tourism, industrial heritage tourism, research and knowledge tourism, red education tourism, recreational sports tourism, cruise yacht tourism, self-driving RV tourism, etc. We should accelerate the upgrading and transformation of tourism products, pay attention to enhancing the cultural connotation, scientific and technological content and green elements of tourism products, focus on building rural tourism products with residential quarters as the core, and experience products with education and communication as the function. Strengthen brand promotion of tourism products, focus on creating high-quality tourist attractions, and continue to enhance the market attractiveness of national and provincial tourism resorts, global tourism demonstration areas and other high-quality tourism brands.

IV. Strengthening Security

(1) Improve the mechanism. All localities should establish and improve the overall coordination mechanism of holiday and peak tourism work, and cooperate with various departments to participate in it. Local holiday tourism working groups should conscientiously perform their duties, clarify the division of responsibilities, conduct pressure layer by layer, strengthen duty and properly deal with emergencies.

(2) Pay attention to overall planning. Holiday and peak tourism should be taken as an important breakthrough to enhance tourism governance, solve the contradiction between supply and demand, and promote the development of high-quality tourism. Local governments should pay attention to the overall planning of departmental resources, effectively integrate resources in transportation, commerce, urban construction, meteorology and other fields, and form a multi-support tourism security system. We should pay attention to the overall planning of public resources, improve and enhance the tourism service function of urban and rural infrastructure, and build a tourism public service system shared by the host and the guest. We should pay attention to the overall planning of social resources, mobilize public welfare organizations, social organizations and local residents, and establish a tourism synergy system involving multiple subjects.

(3) Increase investment. Various measures should be taken to broaden channels, increase investment in intellectual tourism, temporary public service facilities and social training, and consolidate the foundation of holiday and peak tourism work. We should adopt various financing methods, innovate business models, formulate incentive and incentive policies, and actively guide social capital to participate in the construction of tourism public service facilities. Tourist operators should be encouraged to increase their reserve of holiday and peak tourist service facilities.

(4) Strengthen supervision. All localities should strengthen the inspection and spot check of the whole process of holiday and peak tourism, find and solve problems in time, and ensure that all work is ready and operated in an orderly manner. We should make full use of public evaluation, social supervision and other means to carry out tourism satisfaction survey to ensure that tourists'demands are responded and tourism work is promoted in a direction. Regions and units that have major safety accidents, major complaints and major public opinions during holidays and peak periods of tourism shall be criticized and accountable in accordance with relevant procedures.

The 99VR View Editor has said: Sure, we have seen the shadow of VR and other black technology in many tourist attractions. With the continuous improvement and progress of VR technology, I believe that the future will bring us more magical tourism experience.

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