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The first week of March is over. Let's see what happened in the VR / AR circle this week. The following is a brief overview. For more information, please click on the VR Gyroscope Daily. For more details, please pay attention to the VR gyroscope website (www.vrtuoluo.cn).

Big Events and Big Factory Trends:

  • Shinjuku VRZONE, Japan's largest VR offline experience store, will close on March 31.
  • China Unicom completed the news center of Beijing Median and Asian Conferences and achieved 5G full coverage.
  • CNN launched its news channel in Magic Leap One
  • Facebook has filed a new patent for finger tracking by reading electrical signals from wristbands
  • The declaration of VR policy in Nanchang will begin in 2019
  • It costs $3,500! Microsoft Hololens 2 Evaluation: Super Multi-Person Collaboration and Interaction
  • Microsoft will hold Hybrid Reality Development Day from May 2 to 3 to collect feedback on Holo Lens2
  • Trimble XR10, the first HoloLens 2 customized product, was released for $4750

& nbsp; MWC2019:

  • Epic Games announces that UE will support Microsoft HoloLens2
  • Qualcomm's first commercial 5G PC chipset, 8cx, may be launched by the end of the year
  • External media speculate that the field of view angle of Holo Lens 2 is 43 x 29.
  • Mozilla announced that it will develop Firefox Reality AR web browser for Holo Lens2
  • Vuzix launched the enterprise-class smart eyeglasses M400, the first time to carry Qualcomm XR1
  • Visbit and China Mobile, Pico show "5G edge cloud + 12K VR + 4K screen display" of ultra-high definition transmission, playback and display
  • Tairuo Technologies nreal cooperates with Qualcomm and LG Uplus Telecom Operators in Korea
  • HTC showcases innovative 5G Mobile Intelligent Network Center HTC 5G Hub, which will support Vive Focus Linkage
  • See Science and Technology United Canada's well-known program vendors, exhibit 5G + 8K VR live broadcasting
  • HTC Chairman Wang Xuehong: The impact of 5G on HTC VIVE VR is not only the speed increase
  • LetinAR, a Korean AR startup, uses pinhole-effect optical devices to bring more FOV and depth of field to AR glasses.
  • Pico Shows G2 4K+5G Cloud VR
  • Qualcomm Moulong 855 mobile platform will provide AR/VR experience through USB-C interface
  • Azure Kinect, Microsoft's independent depth sensor, is priced at $399 & nbsp.
  • Ericsson and China Unicom announced the launch of 5G Intelligent Port & nbsp in Qingdao.

& nbsp; hot information:

  • The Grand VR Reconstruction Project of Japanese NHK Television Station: Real-view Restoration of Tokyo in 1964
  • Fate/Grand Order VR has over 200,000 downloads and is free to sign on to PSN Port uniform.
  • February 28, The Heart of Kingdom VR Experience was launched in Europe
  • Angry Birds developer Resolution Games announced that it is developing several Oculus Quest games.

& nbsp; financing mergers and acquisitions:

  • VR game developer Hipfire Games announced $205,000 in financing
  • Nerve-controlled brain-computer interface CTRL-labs finances another $28 million
  • VR Founding Source Technology in the field of politics and law was financed by HTC and selected by Vive X

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