Contractors is one of the best VR multiplayer online FPS games in China.

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Towards the end of recent years, both individuals and enterprises are beginning to examine their achievements in 2018 and report at the end of the year. Caveman Studio from Nanjing is no exception. However, for caveman studios, there is no need to summarize themselves. The awards won at the end of the year and the affirmation of the same industry are enough to prove their achievements.


The Caveman Workshop won the Golden Gyroscope Most Potential VR Game Award, VRCORE Best Interaction Award and many other awards for its work Contractors, and its work was officially launched on December 15, Steam.


"So what kind of game is it?"


Gyroscope: The best multiplayer online FPS VR game in China.


Nbsp; IK inertial capture, pursuing the most essential charm of shooting game - nbsp;


FPS game has always been a hot type of player attention. From "CS" to "Crossing the Fire Line" to "PUBG" this type of game has been active in the top of the game list. In VR games, there are also many FPS-type games. From the beginning of Stand Out: VR Battle Royale to the top of PS VR Firewall Zero Hour, developers have been exploring VR FPS. With the immersion of VR, gunfights can become particularly exciting. But I have to say that although there are a lot of these games, the quality is not very good.


Contractors, on the other hand, refreshes the gyroscope.


Contractors is a multi-player online team tactical shooting game. The game adopts the target-oriented competitive game mode and the off-line BOT team death competition mode. Players need to fight on vast and diverse maps. They can wait for their teammates to lead them to "eat chicken". They can also use their agile gun and body skills to fight with the enemy in the opposite street. They can also hide in the dark and wait for the opportunity to give the enemy a dark gun.


Contractors is one of the best VR multiplayer online FPS games in China. VRgame 第1张

In Contractors, there are three game forms: 1. Online server matching; 2. Online game mode; 3. Range training.


Online matching, as its name implies, is a random match with other players online. In Gyroscope's four-hour game experience, there was only one or two short cuts in the game's online matching. It is reported that Contractors has a dedicated server in Asia, which players can safely experience in this regard.


In game exploration, players can choose target-to-target competition mode and team death competition. Target-to-target mode, that is, in a certain period of time, the player kills as many opponents as possible, and wins the first party to reach the target number; team death competition mode, that is, within a certain period of time, wins the battle that finally gets the maximum number of enemies.


In the training mode of the game, in addition to the traditional target training, "Contractors" also provides man-machine combat training, killhouse training ground and so on, and the game provides a global ranking, players can record their own achievements in the course of practice and combat, and share with global players.


Contractors is one of the best VR multiplayer online FPS games in China. VRgame 第2张

At present, the game has four maps, players can choose according to their hobbies. In the game, players can use 30 weapons, such as pistols, submachine guns, sniper guns, shotguns and so on. The choice of weapons requires players to make their own choices, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The gyroscope prefers shotguns, after all, "everyone is equal before shotguns."


Speaking of VR's FPS games, many people may ask questions about action interaction, model piercing, dizziness and picture authenticity.


Contractors uses the whole IK (inertial capture) and the whole body inverse kinematics system, such as crawling, looking up, squatting and other postures. The device can get good body posture feedback. In terms of reality, it is much higher than other games, and the coordination of actions is also higher. The interaction and capture effect of firearms can give a medium-to-high score. If you want to get a higher game experience, players can also cooperate with PROTUBE VR or MAMUT butt products, the effect will be better. In the game, firearms need players to load and unload cartridge clips and support tactical change of ammunition, while some firearms support semi-automatic trigger and fully automatic trigger according to their real functions. In addition, the game also set up a clever mechanism of recoil.


Contractors is one of the best VR multiplayer online FPS games in China. VRgame 第3张

On the other hand, Contractors set up anti-piercing mechanism to prevent players from unlocking all kinds of strange design methods through piercing. Although Bug still exists in some scenarios. As for dizziness, it still exists. This effect is still common in VR, but there are some pertinent adjustments in the game settings.


According to Ding Weihan, CEO of the caveman team, Contractors has been polished for more than a year, and has high self-requirements on the screen. Contractors uses an engine illusion 4 for project optimization. In addition, the project carried out 8 to 9 months of game map performance optimization. The overall style of the game is similar to Call of Duty, but we can see the different VR FPS world created by Contractors.


Nbsp; establish feedback mechanism with players & nbsp;

Nbsp; establish interactive relationship to provide information for subsequent updates of the game & nbsp;


Contractors launched a test of Contractors in early November. It is reported that nearly 1500 players have participated in the test by the time the game is online, including many well-known game hosts and game enthusiasts. Ding Weihan revealed that in the game for more than a year of polishing time, has won the affirmation and feedback of many game players. The game has also been adjusted many times, big or small. And I am also a senior game enthusiast, in this game is also paid a lot of painstaking efforts.


Contractors is one of the best VR multiplayer online FPS games in China. VRgame 第4张

Ding Weihan in CONTRACTORS

At the beginning of its establishment, the Neanderthal team consisted of only four members. In 2016, when VR reached its climax, it began to pay attention to VR games, and there were many considerations in the choice of game types. At that time, a VR FPS game named Onward aroused their interest in the game. After a certain period of market research and technical analysis, they decided to enter the field.


Then, after considering various factors, we decided to locate the main market of the game in Europe and the United States. In the previous testing phase, the caveman team regularly distributed test codes to overseas players every week, so that the game could better meet the needs of the players. For example, in the types of weapons and lethality, map rebug, knapsack settings and so on.


Contractors is one of the best VR multiplayer online FPS games in China. VRgame 第5张

Because of the interaction between the caveman team and the players and the continuous polishing of CONTRACTORS, the game was crowded into Steam's third best-seller list in less than two days online, and won 183 reviews. The following gyroscope extracts two representative evaluations.

Contractors is one of the best VR multiplayer online FPS games in China. VRgame 第6张

Foreign players who play a game for up to 39 hours say:

"This is a well-made VR shooting game, I can even call it revolutionary. Since birth, he has been a fan of shooting, and this love has continued to VR. I've played Onward and Pavlov, but I think this game has caught the pain of the other two games. Let me explain the main problem of framing these two games. It's basically aimed at VR, but it doesn't fit the game. If a player makes a mistake and is killed by a more experienced player, 99.99% of new players will surely have such a thing happen. You will eventually wait 5-6 minutes or longer to rebirth and then be killed again, so you can wait 5-6 minutes. This makes it possible for players who have the patience to play the game to enjoy themselves. And the game developer balances the two. It's tactical and realistic enough to make it surpass Onward and Pavlov, which allows you to reborn after a reasonable period of time, unlike Onward, which allows small white players to have fun and learn from their mistakes without being punished for 5-7 minutes of death waiting. One more thing, I must say, is that Contractors works much better. It feels like the first real 100% VR FPS game, not just a simulation of the existing 2D. In addition, developers are very open to community comments and take our suggestions seriously. I really appreciate it. I know they will continue to work hard and dedicate themselves to this game in the future. This game is revolutionary, and I hope this comment will be helpful for this game.

  Contractors is one of the best VR multiplayer online FPS games in China. VRgame 第7张

Another 28.6-hour Chinese player said:

"The first time I played this game, I was shocked by the pictures. It can be called shooting NO.1 without dispute. The gun model and the holding method are highly realistic. The system settings given by the game are very humane, especially the first gun frame adjusting function. It can adjust the angle of the gun frame very conveniently, and it is very intimate. Game is still at an early stage, and we hope that more game modes will be developed to enhance entertainment in the future. If a novice player is likely to faint and move, it is recommended to choose heavy armor in the body armor, so that the movement speed is not so fast, and generally can play for 5 hours to get rid of discomfort. Finally, as a home-made game can be recognized by global onward, Pavlov players is not easy, thanks to every day to seven meat and eight vegetable developers, I will continue to support this game!


In addition, Gyroscope also found in the comments section that most players play for more than 10 hours, and most of the comments are revisions. It is reported that "Contractors" also has a number of special game discussion forums overseas. The gyroscope won't do much redundancy because of the limited space.

Here, the gyroscope also said his views and suggestions on this game. The first is the common problem of multiplayer online VR games. Due to the limited number of players, players often have to wait a long time to match. In this time, it is easy to cause players to be in the waiting process and lose interest in the game, especially for small white players. If AI training is added to the game waiting process and players are allowed to practice first, the negative impact of waiting on players'interest in the game can be effectively reduced. When game matching is completed, players will be transmitted to the competitive battlefield together.


Secondly, because this is a game of encounter mode, players may soon end the battle and return to the starting interface, which will experience several page loading waiting, making the waiting time more difficult. Some players suggest that developers can reduce the number of pages loaded, and increase the number of attack and defense rotation mode to increase the length of the game.


In addition, the game can add a growth system to enhance user stickiness in the game process, so that players can lock new guns, accessories, skin and skills, once unlocked, you can use the currency in the game to purchase the required items. After experiencing the whole game, Gyroscope feels that Contractors is a very complete and high quality VR game. In the game, whether online PVP confrontation mode, PVE cooperation mode, or even single training task. Players can enjoy it differently.


FPS has its own unique game charm, which makes the endless network of game developers involved in it. In the exploration of VR's FPS game type, some people pursue shooting close to reality, some people hope to get social form to ecologize FPS, and some people are exploring the birth of new phenomenal games in VR. Because of this, VR game has a higher degree of development, and Contractors is no exception. Hopefully, in the updates that follow, "Contractors" will enable players to get a more unique experience.


Nbsp; score: 8.2/10 & nbsp;


Excellent Game Play and Tactical Depth

Excellent gun details and good feedback

The picture is polished carefully

PVP multiplayer mode has a strong gameplay

IK Inertial Moving Capture, High Authenticity


Load waiting time is longer

Lack of growth system, low user stickiness


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