BiSim was invested 1 million by the British Army in developing VR training software

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BiSim获英国陆军100万英镑投资用于开发vr培训软件。英国陆军授予Bohemia Interactive Simulations(BiSim)100万英镑(约合8733000人民币元)的合同,用于开发vr培训软件。该计划被称为“土地培训中的虚拟现实”(VRLT)。

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The Army claims that VRLT "will allow soldiers to train in a wide range of complex and hostile simulation scenarios, which are not easy to reproduce on the training ground".

The software is based on BiSim Virtual Battlefield 3 (VBS3). VBS1 was created in 2001 by Bohemia Interactive, a branch of the game Flashpoint. Bohemia Interactive continued to develop ArmA products and split BiSim into an independent company. VBS is now used by the army of more than 30 countries in the world.

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The British army has been using VBS3 for more than two years. But it hopes that the shift from desktop interface to VR will "improve environmental immersion".

VBS3 has had basic VR support since October 2016, but this contract should allow for expansion of this support. An important new feature will be a realistic custom avatar system. So the soldiers could recognize each other's faces.

Hybrid reality will also be tested to allow soldiers to "see and interact with objects". There are no more details about this feature, but we are curious about what hardware it will involve.

BiSim was invested 1 million by the British Army in developing VR training software. VRLT is currently just an experiment. Soldiers will provide feedback and the army will decide whether to use it as part of future training. But the immersion and physical sensation provided by VR is unmatched by display. VR training software has achieved tremendous success in many industries, and we believe that VRLT will also succeed.

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