Software-based IPD adjustment is a new setup of Rift S

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摘要:Oculus PC软件的支持文件中发现的代码证实了Oculus Rift S的存在。 Rift S的存在是在11月首次曝光的,该报告建议头显具有更高的分辨率和类似于Oculus Quest的内向外跟踪系统。

The code found in the support file of Oculus PC software confirms the existence of Oculus Rift S. The existence of Rift S was first exposed in November, and the report suggests that head displays have higher resolution and an internal-external tracking system similar to Oculus Quest. We found a setup in the user interface code that allows PC users to choose between 50Hz and 60Hz indoor lighting. & ldquo; automatic & rdquo; options also exist. This setting is described as & ldquo; Rift S camera lighting frequency to adapt to indoor lighting & rdquo;. The reference camera settings are located in one part of the Rift Head Display. Oculus PC applications typically recognize USB-powered sensors as stand-alone devices, so the cameras included in this section indicate that they are head displays themselves. Software-based IPD adjustment is another new setup for Rift S: Set your IPD (pupil distance), that is, the distance between eye centers, to optimize the proportion of objects in the VR IPD adjustment settings. Users can set their pupil spacing according to Rift S. Currently Oculus Rift uses hardware IPD adjustment, while Rift S does not seem to have, like PlayStation VR and Oculus Gou, Rift S lenses. It can also be fixed in place. The upcoming Oculus Quest has been confirmed to have physical IPD adjustment capabilities. In Oculus Connect 5, CTO John Carmack said Quest was developed before Oculus Go, and it will use a single LCD panel of Go. This may mean that Rift S uses Go2560× 1440 fast switching LCD. Constellation requires multiple USB ports to overload many motherboards and does not provide 360° by default; controller tracking. Setting up the size of the room further aggravates these troubles. Switching from inside to outside will simplify the Oculus PC setup process and provide 360° for everyone; controller tracking. The versatility of Oculus Quest also makes the development of multiple Facebook VR headers more intuitive. But if it lacks physical IPD adjustments, it will represent the Oculus transition. The original Rift, which costs $599, includes physical IPD adjustments and the best screens available at the time. Although Rift doesn't have many compromises, Rift S may have different concepts, aiming to get as many new users as possible into PC VR, with enough tracking for developers to use.

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