VR sneakers Cybershoes support HTC Vive

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Cybershoes is a foot-mounted VR sport accessory that has received more than $245,000 through its Kickstarter campaign. Now, the Vienna-based company is again raising money through the Indiegogo campaign, which offers potential supporters another opportunity for early bird deals and re-examines hardware redesigns to make Cybershoes peripherals easier to experience. The Indiegogo campaign is scheduled to be launched at 7 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (local time) on February 5, with a fixed target of $30,000, which means that if crowdsourcing does not reach that amount before the end of the campaign, it will be refunded to its supporters. The company said the campaign was aimed at “ continuing to improve consumer and potential investors'awareness of ”. Previews of crowdsourcing events have been made public, showing early discounts of $269, including Cyberhoes, swivel chairs (black or red), circular carpets, wireless encrypted dogs, USB chargers and cables. The total recommended retail price for the above settings is $550, with 51% savings for the top 99 supporters. It is expected to be delivered to all supporters in July 2019. Cybershoes is a strap-on shoe cover with a bucket wheel at the bottom, which can be converted into forward and backward VR motion when rotated. The creator said that this could help eliminate some of the discomfort caused by artificial VR movement by linking the action in the game with the physical action. This is a very reliable and realistic approach, and the creators of VR treadmills have begun to do this with larger, heavier and more expensive equipment. Cybershoes supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Pimax VR Head Display and Microsoft MR Head Display through Steam VR platform. Developers claim that all VR games that support free movement are applicable to the device.

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