Apple will redesign 5G iPhone with AR function

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users familiar with Apple know that even-numbered years are apple years, mainly to improve performance, the design will not have major updates. According to the current information from various channels, Apple will not adopt 5G and remove Liu Haiping design next year, that is to say, the next year's iPhone may not have major updates. Recently, Anne Lee, an analyst at Nomura Securities in Japan, released a new research report, which predicts that the new iPhone in 2019 will follow the design style of this year's three iPhones, including size and display screen, without much change in appearance. In addition, the new iPhone will add some new AR-related features. Anne Lee also pointed out in the report that 2019 will be the last year for the iPhone to use the design architecture of the iPhone X. Apple will prepare for the full arrival of 5G and the initial hardware specifications of new technologies such as AR, and make a larger architecture upgrade for the system, but the new design will have to wait until 2020. In addition, Guo Mingpi, an analyst at Tianfeng Securities, has made similar predictions for next year's new iPhone. In October, Guo predicted that the screen size of the new iPhone in 2019 would be the same as that in 2018, and the overall appearance would not change significantly. Guo also predicted that Apple would replace the material and design of the antenna next year, using four MPI antennas plus two LCP antennas to replace six LCP antennas. And the iPhone is likely to adopt a new Face ID in 2019.

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