ProTube VR, a manufacturer of VR butt accessories, will launch a new tactile development kit

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摘要:总部位于法国马赛的VR枪托配件制造商ProTubeVR将在本月晚些时候推出Kickstarter活动,推出一款新的触觉开发套件。 该设备被称为ForceTube,旨在取代原始ProTubeVR的枪托,为用户拍摄时提供触觉。

ProTube VR, a maker of VR butt accessories based in Marseilles, France, will launch Kickstarter later this month to launch a new tactile development kit. The device, known as ForceTube, is designed to replace the original ProTube VR butt and provide the user with a sense of touch when shooting. ForceTube will start devkit production after reaching its crowdsourcing goals, the company said. The company plans to provide devkit V2 with a second iteration plan that will add & ldquo; power and electronics upgrades & rdquo;. A complete, consumer-ready product release is expected to be launched by the end of 2019. It is said that this version includes the company's so-called & ldquo; some unnecessary functions & rdquo; with the same main functions, namely playback and rumble. ForceTube can do local work through OpenVR or Oculus SDK running & ldquo; some PCVR games & rdquo. Now the company has announced a guaranteed support game, Early Access mil-sim shooting game Onward. The list of other locally supported games will be released later, and the company believes that their & ldquo; retro compatibility Tool & rdquo; will allow ForceTube to work in any Steam VR game by allowing players to change and create game profiles. As for the hardware itself, it is not yet clear. The device is allegedly connected to a PC via Bluetooth and has a battery life of over 8 hours in a truly intensive use case. & rdquo; The company said it would provide up to 60 Newtons of kicking power with a maximum power of 100 W per shot. ProTube VR, which keeps further details secret, is expected to be launched later this month.

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