Pixel Watch, Google’s smart wearable device, may be on the market this year

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摘要:除了2017年发布的Pixel Buds耳机外,Google目前还没有生产任何可穿戴设备。 它开发了许多其他公司使用的Wear OS智能手表操作系统,但尚未制作出自己的智能手表或健身追踪器。

Apart from the Pixel Buds headphones released in 2017, Google hasn't produced any wearable devices yet. It has developed Wear OS smart watch operating system used by many other companies, but has not yet produced its own smart watch or fitness tracker. One of the roles is Vice President of Hardware Engineering in the Wearable Equipment Department. Applicants must have at least 15 years of experience in developing consumer electronics products. The hiring revelation says that the successful candidate, ldquo, will be responsible for the design, development and transportation of all Google wearable products, and adds: & ldquo; you will lead a large engineering organization mainly located in Mountain View and enable it to effectively develop multiple next-generation wearable products at the same time. & rdquo; This indicates that Google has several wearable devices under development, which are expected to far exceed the replacement of Pixel Buds headphones. Google is also hiring a wearable device design manager and a wearable device test engineer in its consumer hardware division. The latter sounds like it's related to headphones or other audio products, as described in the job description: & ldquo; you'll test end-to-end audio quality by focusing equally on all parts of the audio chain sensor, acoustics, electronic devices, and smart signal processing software that connects them together. & rdquo; Although Google is most likely to use its wearable device division to produce headphones and smart watches, this category may also include VR and AR headsets, fitness trackers, smart rings and other connecting devices on the body. Just a few weeks ago, Google announced that it had invested $40 million in Fossil's smart watch technology, which is likely to become part of a future version of Google's Wear OS smart watch software.

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