Apple CEO Cook: Best bet on the “earthshaking” future product

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It is expected to double service revenue by 2020 to nearly $25 billion in 2016.

(Yingwei & nbsp; March 02, 2019) According to Bloomberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook is "never so optimistic" about the company's momentum and direction today. In a recent speech to investors, Cook pointed out that the iPhone maker was "sowing seeds" and was "betting" on "shocking" future products.

Apple CEO Cook: Best bet on the

Cook reiterated at the annual conference in Cupertino, California, that they are expected to double service revenue by 2020 to nearly $25 billion in 2016. When talking about the iPad, Cook touched on several categories of Apple products.

The CEO pointed out that the ultimate goal was to lower the MacBook Air price by $1,200 and provide a higher resolution screen. He also said that Apple had developed a "long-term and great dream" product roadmap related to Apple watches and IrPods. In addition, Apple's smart watch will carry more health functions.

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Investors are waiting for Apple to bring the next epoch-making technology as demand for the best-selling product, the iPhone, slows down for the first time since 2001 during the holiday season. Cook has repeatedly mentioned the subversive power of augmented reality, and clues suggest that the company is developing AR glasses. Meanwhile, Apple is focusing on its fast-growing service business, as well as other devices such as Apple watches and IrPods. Cook points out that Apple acquired 18 companies in 2018 and has been looking for more acquisitions.

Apple shares rose more than 1% on Friday, but fell after Cook began speaking.

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Apple CEO Cook: Best bet on the

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