Vive Focus Plus has a 6DOF controller, new lenses and better comfort

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摘要:Vive Focus Plus是HTC下一代VR一体机,新款头显现在拥有更好的舒适度,新镜头提供更清晰的图像,当然还有6DOF控制器。Vive Focus Plus包含Qualcomm Snapdragon 835,双1,6001,440 OLED显示屏,以及光学头显跟踪。

Vive Focus Plus is HTC's next generation VR integrated machine. The new header shows better comfort, the new lens provides clearer images, and of course, the 6DOF controller. Vive Focus Plus includes Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, double 1,600 & times, 1,440 OLED display, and optical head tracking. It's a very acceptable controller tracking implementation that provides & ldquo; good enough & rdquo; delay and wide enough tracking volume to position the controller in space, even if they are directly outside the user's vision, which means that you won't actually notice when your controller goes beyond their operating range (put your hand behind your back or behind your head). Here we are. Even in noisy MWC2019 venue, controller tracking can work well. This is mainly attributed to the button layout and its clever design, left and right controllers can be exchanged. On the controller, you can find the touch pad, index finger trigger and auxiliary handle buttons, as well as menu and home page buttons below. Buttons and trigger presses provide improved analog feel. Vive Focus Plus has changed significantly compared with Vive Focus, with a larger forehead and better weight distribution. That is to say, it does feel more comfortable than Vive Focus. Now the tracking system of the ultrasonic controller is embedded in the head display itself. The new Focus Plus has obvious advantages over the development kit by providing better balance. A very important change is the new optical system, which is clearer than previous Vive Focus. All other Vive products, including the original Vive Focus, have concentric Fresnel ridges that terminate in a much smaller circle in the middle of the lens. The advantage of the new lens design is that it reduces the perception of Fresnels'unique optical artifacts, known as & ldquo; divine ray & rdquo; or streams of light from the center of the lens, and stands out like small beams of light. Show the only application with sufficient contrast to test this is the company's conceptual 5G Hub cloud rendering setup, which transfers PC VR shooting game Superhot VR to Vive Focus Plus. The reduction in divine rays is noteworthy, and I hope HTC will be more inclined to this lens style in future products.

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