Wal-Mart is selling $30 Steam VR Head Display and $80 VR Integrator

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摘要:零售巨头沃尔玛正在销售一系列超低价VR头显。 SteamVR头显 列出了三种型号的SteamVR头显。每眼9601080型号为20美元,12801440每眼型号为30美元,以及14401440每眼模型调整为45美元。 与大多数其他PC VR头显一样,它们通过HDMI和USB连接到PC。

Wal-Mart, the retail giant, is selling a range of ultra-low-cost VRs. Steam VR Head Display lists three models of Steam VR Head Display. 960 & times per eye; 1080 model $20, 1280 & times; 1440 model $30 per eye, and 1440 & times; 1440 model $45 per eye. Like most other PC VR headers, they are connected to the PC via HDMI and USB. But unlike other PC VR headers, they do not have 6DoF position tracking capabilities. That means you can look around, but you can't move around. The cheaper model runs at 60 Hz, while the $45 model is said to run at 90 Hz. All three models are equipped with USB game handles, so you can theoretically play any Steam VR game without a tracking controller. The VR integrator lists two types of VR integrators. One uses 1080p screen, 960 & times per eye; 1080, 1280 & times the same as Oculus Go; 1440 resolution per eye. The VR integrator runs an improved Android operating system. You can use the button built-in at the top to control the header display. Or you can buy a remote control for an extra $20. Wal-Mart is studying how to use VR technology to let shoppers experience the pleasure of shopping from their homes. According to two new patents filed by the company, this is likely to become a reality. More than a dozen VR patents have been applied, but their focus has shifted from using VR for internal business to more external, shopper-centric applications.

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