Oculus Go and Oculus Quest Enterprise Edition are expected to be launched this year

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Facebook recently released Oculus Software Engineer's Job List, detailing the company's plans to launch an enterprise version of Go & Quest sometime this year. This position includes the following responsibilities: designing and developing enterprise function design and developing VR framework to support enterprise use cases in Oculus mobile VR system applications, for example, enterprise training to ensure security and privacy remains the primary task, and has been identified and resolved to work with external developers to innovate future work experience-ldquo; AR/VR enterprise team is designed to open up for enterprises Send Facebook AR and VR platforms. Starting with VR, we are building versions of Oculus Go and Oculus Quest Enterprise, which are expected to be launched in 2019. This work covers hardware integration, software platform, enterprise developer ecosystem, SDK, SLA and so on. & rdquo; Although the company spokesman and Variety confirmed that the upcoming enterprise version will become part of the company's existing business products, the specific content was not disclosed. Facebook continues to emphasize VR/AR, saying the company is developing “ the technology that makes VR and AR ubiquitous ”. Oculus sells Rift and Go for Business to provide merchandise licenses, business licenses, & ldquo; preferential & rdquo; customer services, as well as some additional products such as additional facial interfaces and sensors (for Rift). Now, the company has begun to implement business, thanks to the Oculus for Business program, which began in 2017, to provide specific bundled products for Oculus Rift and later Oculus Go, as well as extended warranty, service and licensing terms. HTC recently announced the introduction of enterprise-based Vive Focus Plus and 6DOF controllers. Now Facebook, Oculus's parent company, is also focusing on the enterprise and believes that the market will change soon.

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