Nintendo Labo VR Suit officially launched on April 12

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摘要:任天堂今早公开了《Nintendo Labo》Toy-Con 系列第四套游戏产品,VR 套装。 这个VR套装同样是基于纸板拼装与 Joy-Con 手柄相结合的游戏方式,并且加入了特殊光学元件,呈现出VR效果。

Nintendo Labo Toy-Con series, the fourth set of game products, VR suite, was released by Nintendo Labo this morning. The VR suite is also based on the combination of cardboard assembly and Joy-Con handle, and adds special optical elements, showing a VR effect. A 6022 Nintendo Labo VR is divided into two kinds, the basic version and the complete version. Among them, the basic version sells for 3980 yen, including VR glasses and & ldquo; rocket & rdquo; combination components. The complete version of sells for 7980 yen. Besides the combination of VR glasses and rockets, it also includes & ldquo; Camera & rdquo; & ldquo; Bird & rdquo; and other combinations. The two sets of Nintendo Labo VR are expected to be officially released on April 12.

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