Reactive Grip’s new VR tactile controller will be unveiled in GDC 2019

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摘要:Tactical Haptics自2013年成立以来一直致力于独特的触觉控制器设计。该公司正准备展示Reactive Grip VR控制器将于本月晚些时候在加利福尼亚州旧金山举行的游戏开发者大会(GDC)上首次亮相。

Since its establishment in 2013, Tactical Haptics has been devoted to unique tactile controller design. The company is preparing to showcase Reactive Grip VR controllers for the first time at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, California later this month. Reactive Grip is a tactile controller that relies on third-party location tracking standards such as Oculus Touch, SteamVR tracking and OptiTrak. That is to say, Tactical Haptics has recently shifted from the consumer sector to focus on VR-based location-based entertainment (LBE) and training. Reactive Grip is unique in that it provides a touch feedback, which is not only dependent on the tactile motor in the traditional VR motion controller. Instead, it uses in-hand shear force to provide users with some very compelling physical feedback, allowing you to experience such things as bow and arrow stretching, the inertia of swinging chains or the impact of swords. Tactical Haptics'Reactive Grip has been in an iterative state. The company has built a prototype of minimum viable product (MVP) for tactile controllers and a shape conversion prototype that can be reconfigured to multiple locations using magnetic sockets, and is now moving towards full production of its & ldquo; production ready & rdquo; model. It is said that the new controller design also provides a reconfigurable magnetic socket similar to the prototype seen on last year's CES, although it will provide Vive Tracker and OptiTrak as modular plug-ins in addition to the modular third-party tracking accessories for Oculus Touch and Windows MR controllers. & LDquo; Production design is also simpler and more modular, allowing users to configure controllers with or without magnet sockets (for dynamically forming new peripherals) and to use controllers in the PC VR ecosystem of their choice. The additional bracket realizes this modularization. & rdquo;

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