Google Glass Explorer 2nd Edition announces a return to the enterprise market

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摘要:谷歌推出其首款Glass Enterprise Edition已近两年,最初于2013年推出的探索者版本针对早期采用者和开发者,现在看来第二代企业版AR眼镜将进入生产的最后阶段。

It has been nearly two years since Google launched its first Glass Enterprise Edition. The Explorer version, originally launched in 2013, is aimed at early adopters and developers. Now it seems that the second generation of enterprise AR glasses will enter the final stage of production. Google's second-generation corporate AR glasses passed the FCC test at the end of the year. The new USB Type-C connector was used to replace the previous version of needle magnetic connector, and the label was consistent with the previously published FCC label. According to the Geekbench benchmark, the new version includes Snapdragon 710, integrated LTE modem, and Bluetooth 5.0 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi support. It also allegedly includes 3GB RAM, Android Oreo OS and a 32MP camera, supporting 40K video of 30FPS or 1080p video of 120FPS. Google is returning to the corporate market, introducing another commercially oriented Google glasses, the Head-up Display (HUD) device, which can capture a pair of glasses and provide real time information to users in a small transparent window. As in the previous iteration, the new Glass uses a button and hinge mechanism, so the device can be folded and has a similar power button configuration. New Glass & ldquo; mainly for performance, battery life and other core function specifications. & rdquo; The first Google Glasses Enterprise Edition includes well-deserved specification changes since the Explorer version in 2013, including Intel Atom CPU, 32GB storage and 780 mAh batteries. The second version of Google Glass Explorer, the hardware update in 2014, adds 2GB of RAM to version 1, including Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 SoC, 16GB storage and 570 mAh batteries.

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