KIST has successfully developed 4K AR devices for holographic games

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摘要:韩国科学技术研究院(KIST)光电材料研究团朴敏哲博士组12日表示,成功开发出全球最高分辨率的AR HMD(扩增实境头戴式显示设备),水平视野达到4K级,在远距离中也能轻松识别,预计2年内能够实现全息型游戏。

Dr. Park Minzhe, a research group of photoelectric materials at the Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KIST), said Tuesday that the world's highest resolution ARHMD (Enlarged Real-world Headwear Display Device) was successfully developed, with a horizontal field of view of 4K and easy recognition in long distance. It is expected that holographic games will be realized within 2 years. At present, ARHMD on the market is large and heavy, and the resolution of the display is low. According to the report of the Korean scientific and technological media ddaily, the ultra-thin and high-efficiency lighting optical system made of holographic optical elements has greatly reduced the volume and weight. Moreover, the device, designed with a precise combination of non-spherical plastics, can achieve 4K resolution (3840x2160 image). Vivid images, so that users can see the image lifelike. Korean media "inews 24" also mentioned in the report, Park Minzhe said that compared with the highest specifications on the market at present, the weight of the device is reduced by at least 100 grams, and the realization of UHD level of ultra-high definition painting quality is of great significance. This also lays the foundation for future HMD to achieve holographic 3D images, but also to ensure that the obstacles to the popularity of AR HMD - ldquo; price competitiveness issues - rdquo;. To the question of when AR HMD holographic game can be realized in Korean drama "Memories of the Palace of Alhambra", Park Minzhe answered: & ldquo; it will appear in about two years. & rdquo; Epicoptix Corporation, Institute of Future Technology, Shizong University (Professor Jin Taigen) and Research Institute of Electronic Parts (Dr. Hong Xingji) all participated in the development of AR HMD.

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