Folding panoramic naked-eye 3D camera, Insta360 EVO officially released

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摘要:全球领先的VR全景相机品牌Insta360宣布, 推出折叠式全景裸眼3D相机EVO。该产品采用前沿折叠式机身设计,兼具3D与360全景两种拍摄模式,支持[email protected] FPS高清视频、1800万像素图片,全方位记录生活。 Insta360 EVO为3D大众化而生,机身小巧便携,立体拍摄成片更鲜活;还将推出HoloFrame裸眼3D手机壳,随时体验逼真影像。

Insta360, the world's leading VR panoramic camera brand, announced the launch of foldable panoramic naked-eye 3D camera EVO. The product adopts forward folding fuselage design, with 3D and 360°, panoramic two shooting modes, supporting [email protected] FPS HD video, 18 million pixel pictures, and recording life in an all-round way. Insta360 EVO is a popular 3D product with compact and portable fuselage, which makes stereo photography more vivid. HoloFrame's naked-eye 3D mobile phone shell will also be launched to experience realistic images at any time. Continuing the Insta360 panoramic gene, EVO is also a palm panoramic camera; with the core FlowState anti-shake technology, it can easily shoot stable video blockbusters; with the combination of mobile delay shooting mode, asteroid creative perspective, FreeCapture first shooting and then viewing editing function, panoramic black technology is full of interest. Insta360 EVO, the first consumer-grade naked-eye 3D camera, can take 3D images with one button, independently record family gatherings, wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, graduation parties, parent-child moments, pet play and other warm moments. In industry applications, EVO also provides more simple, portable and low-cost solutions for 3D viewing, 3D film and television shooting and other fields. For editing, Insta360 EVO App is the only mobile app that supports 3D content editing at present. It supports direct cutting, color matching, speed regulation, music score and adding filters for 3D content editing. It can cut large 3D films anytime and anywhere. The computer also has Adobe's official co-op plug-in, which can directly import 3D content and edit it in Premiere software. In viewing experience, Insta360 and Mopic, a Korean-based company focused on innovative 3D playback methods, jointly designed HoloFrame naked-eye 3D mobile phone shell, breaking the hardware threshold and having a realistic visual experience without any other accessories. In addition, Insta360 will also launch Insta360 VR APP, which is dedicated to one-machine platform, to support EVO direct-connected VR integrated machine (applicable to HTC VIVE Focus, Oculus GO, Gear VR), so that users can enjoy more comfortable immersion audio-visual enjoyment. Insta360 based on Pro series products in the field of professional 3D VR camera technology accumulation for many years, adhering to the professional film and television production process, moving high-end technology down to consumer-grade products, provides ordinary consumers with a full process of production of 3D VR content tools, with HoloFrame bare-eyed 3D mobile phone shell to break the threshold of viewing experience equipment, create a complete closed-loop ecosystem, to achieve that is shooting. Cut and see, promote the popularity of 3D VR. Insta360 gives EVO the inherent excellence of “ panoramic gene ”, making it a palm panoramic camera, compact and foldable body, 360° panoramic mastery. Folding EVO shooting can be straight out 360° screen, capture every wonderful corner, carrying Insta360's unique FlowState core anti-shake technology, without carrying any stabilization equipment, can achieve super-stable effect. HDR mode leaves more space for the creator to edit and tone later in order to achieve perfect shooting effect. Insta360 EVO mobile delay function supports free speed control after mobile shooting, which can not only speed up the feeling of time passing, but also slow down the retention of warm dribs. FreeCapture takes pictures first and then takes pictures to help users intercept parts of the panoramic picture as they like. Asteroids can change their perspective as if they occupied the whole planet. They are interesting. They can also share their joy with the world through social platforms. Insta360 EVO has attracted the attention of many people in the industry since it was not listed, even known as & ldquo; Insta360 Pro and ONE X Portable Edition & rdquo;. High-end 3D shooting technology, rich creative play, ultra-high cost performance, the emergence of EVO, is destined to attract much attention.

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