VIVE FOCUS PLUS debut: full six-degree-of-freedom, multi-mode

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VIVE Focus Plus现开启预售,官方售价5699元人民币,首批订单预计4月下旬发货

On March 26, HTC held the annual VIVE Ecology Conference (VEC2019) in Shenzhen. HTC VIVE has launched the world's first all-six-degree-of-freedom multi-mode VR integrated equipment - VIVE FOCUS PLUS.

It is understood that this device can be connected with a variety of external devices, greatly increasing the number of games that can be adapted. At present, VIVE Focus Plus has been pre-sold on the official website at RMB 5,699. The first order is expected to start shipment in late April. At that time, users will be able to enjoy about 250 items of content applicable to all open platform equipment equipped with VIVE WAVE.

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