Beijing-East Joint Google’s Challenge for AR Innovative Applications in Domestic Consumption Areas officially opened

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京东作为在AR零售领域实践应用和布局的先行者,值此风口来临之际再度与ARCore by Google携手

Some analysts predict that by 2022, the investment in AR in e-commerce will reach 122 billion US dollars, and e-commerce will become the first major area to use AR technology. As a pioneer in AR retail application and layout, Jingdong once again joined hands with ARCore by Google to organize "JD-AR & ARCore by Google Consumer Application Innovation Competition" based on ARCore core technology. ARCore by Google, as the exclusive technical cooperation partner of the competition, invites developers at home and abroad, especially Chinese developers, to find the best innovative AR applications.

The competition will be composed of Jingdong, Google, top industry experts, technology bulls and well-known brand leaders to provide world-class development and communication opportunities for global developers, and help them use ARCore to create innovative, practical and landable solutions for consumer applications.

The contest topic setting of this contest is ingenious, in line with the principle of strong landing, invites the top 500 global brands to personally propose propositions, giving participants the most practical consumption scenarios, so that their efforts can really have a chance to put into the marketing link.

As one of the organizers of this event, JD-AR will invest a lot of resources and provide the right of "one competition, benefit for life". The competition not only has a total bonus pool of nearly 300,000 yuan, but also has the support of well-known VC. More importantly, brand customers from the world's top 500 are potential partners in the competition. The competition was officially opened on April 2, 2019.

Rich prizes and unlimited opportunities await your challenge. Standing in the wind of the rise of augmented reality, Jingdong and Google will take you off!

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