Data show that Rift S is suitable for smaller pupil spacing

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摘要:Oculus Rift S使用单个显示面板和固定镜头。与原始的Rift和即将推出的Oculus Quest不同,它不具备机械镜头分离调整功能。 这意味着Facebook新发布的Rift S适用于较小范围的瞳距(IPD)。

Oculus Rift S uses a single display panel and a fixed lens. Unlike the original Rift and the upcoming Oculus Quest, it does not have the function of separating and adjusting mechanical lenses. This means that Facebook's new Rift S is suitable for a smaller range of pupil spacing (IPD). Facebook has confirmed to us that & ldquo; Best & rdquo; IPD suite for Rift S. By comparing this range with the most publicly available IPD data we can find, we can see how many adults are suitable for it. What is IPD? IPD stands for InterPupillary Distance. It refers to the distance between the left eye and the right eye pupil. Like the original Rift and HTC Vive, you can mechanically adjust the distance between lenses so that they match the distance between your eyes. Others have fixed lenses, like most Windows MR headshots and PSVR. If the lens separation of the head display is too different from your IPD, studies show that some people may encounter blurring, eye fatigue, distortion, and even nausea. But software IPD adjustments can make up for this. Rift S IPD range Facebook confirms to us that Quest's lens separation adjustment range is 58-72 mm. For Rift S and Go, the lens is fixed at 63.5mm. According to Facebook, this means Quest & ldquo; the most suitable user between 56mm and 74mm & rdquo; Rift S and Go is & ldquo; the most suitable user between 61.5 and 65.5mm & rdquo;. The biggest common data tool we know for IPD measurement is ANSUR II. ANSUR is a database collected by the U.S. Army, which includes 93 items for more than 6,000 active and reserve personnel. One of the data is pupil distance. We downloaded the data and used it to display Oculus header's & ldquo; Best & rdquo; IPD collaboration, which is based on the percentage of people in the data set they cover. The median IPD is 63.5mm, but we should pay attention to the correlation between IPD and age and sex. The database is for adults and therefore does not represent children. In addition, since the database contains more males than females, we separate them by gender: data show that Quest's mechanical IPD adjustment makes 99% of males and 93% of females & ldquo; the best & rdquo; but Rift S fixed lenses are & ldquo; the best & rdquo; for 46% of males and 43% of females. The Facebook representative pointed out that the scope offered only applies to & ldquo; Best & rdquo; Experience and provides the following content: & ldquo; Perception and comfort vary from person to person, and some people may have a higher tolerance for experience (for example, if they go beyond & 39; Best & 39; scope, they can still use and experience headliness). & rdquo;

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