Wearable device LITHO provides a more dynamic, intuitive and accurate mobile AR experience

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摘要:2017年Tech Insider发布了一段视频,展示了Martin如何通过他称为Scroll ring的设备重新设想你与AR互动的方式。 Martin的创新设计让您可以在您的AR环境中进行互动,而无需将手放在特定位置或在头显传感器的视野范围内完善特定手势。

Tech Insider released a video in 2017 showing Martin how to re-imagine the way you interact with AR through a device he calls Scroll ring. Martin's innovative design allows you to interact in your AR environment without having to put your hand in a specific position or perfect a specific gesture within the field of vision of the head display sensor. You can scroll and control the entire AR user interface by tapping the side of the ring or sliding your thumb. Martin's Scroll Ring has gone through several iterations and gradually evolved into something that no longer looks like a ring; instead, it has become a seemingly interesting interactive wearable device, LITHO, which provides a more dynamic, intuitive and accurate mobile AR experience. If the Scroll ring is just a prototype that needs to be connected to a computer, LITHO is an unfettered finger controller connected to your smartphone or headset via Bluetooth, with a touch surface at the bottom. The device has a series of motion tracking sensors, including accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers weighing 16 grams. It can achieve sub-millimeter accuracy, use for 4 hours, stand-by for 1000 hours, and charge for 90 minutes. LITHO can be used in VR environment through VR mode, which provides you with all the control in AR environment. This means that you can build, manipulate, navigate, and generate digital objects by hand. You can even dim the lights in the house by simple manual control of the thermostat and other functions. Just as Martin was impressed by Holo Lens, he always believed that interaction with AR objects might be better; more & ldquo; pleasure and intuition & rdquo;. For example, in order to use Microsoft's SoloLens to move objects, you need to master various gestures, such as & ldquo; blooming & rdquo; or & ldquo; Click & rdquo; AR header requires you to & ldquo; put your hands in a ready place to view. & As for AR's future, the possibilities are infinite. Martin explained, & ldquo; this will be a longer and more complex road, and will explore many ideas, & rdquo; and added, & ldquo; spatial computing is moving towards surreal (HR). & rdquo; As more and more applications use location and camera-based depth sensors, and software like ARKit and ARCore become more common among developers, there is no doubt that we are approaching information overload. The LITHO team sees their wearable AR devices as a solution to this ultimate information shock. If you are interested in this hardware, you can apply for their test plan, which is open to selected developers and strategic partners. The program will allow you to experience LITHO controllers and LITHO SDK for $199. The first batch of equipment will be shipped to approved testers later this month.

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