Epson AR glasses remote guidance collaboration greatly improves efficiency

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When it comes to remote assistance, many people think of QQ for the first time, but it is more inclined to operate unilaterally and remotely. As long as you accept the remote application from the other party, you can safely hand over the computer to others. However, in the field of industrial manufacturing and maintenance, remote assistance is not so simple. If the large precision instrument suddenly fails and the technical expert is absent from the scene for the first time, how to deal with the problems that need to be solved quickly and reduce the economic losses? Epson AR smart eyeglasses BT-350, the leading product in the field of AR eyeglasses remote guidance, can easily achieve remote maintenance guidance of smart eyeglasses and help operators calmly solve problems and crises. Operators who are in the trouble scene can only wear BT-350 smart glasses to realize remote guidance of smart glasses. They can connect with expert engineers who are far away through smart glasses in real time. Through AR glasses remote maintenance guidance, expert engineers can accurately grasp the situation of the scene. Under the guidance of remote maintenance of smart glasses, operators can receive remote instructions from experts and work at the same time, which can achieve the same effect as expert engineers visiting the scene for maintenance, and make remote cooperation of AR glasses easy to solve on-site faults. In addition, Epson BT-350 has a high-quality camera, which is equipped with silicon OLED panel (organic EL), bringing unprecedented high brightness and high contrast for remote maintenance guidance, and can achieve clear, real and borderless augmented reality display effect. 1280X720 high-definition resolution will be very clear and real-time on-site fault picture to remote experts, in order to smoothly implement AR glasses remote maintenance guidance. In addition, head-mounted equipment fully liberates the operator's hands, allowing seamless cooperation between real operation and virtual remote control, and realizing remote maintenance of smart glasses without worries. In addition to voice guidance, AR glasses remote maintenance experts can also edit pictures in the background to better present remote maintenance guidance programs for field staff. When experiencing the remote maintenance guidance function of AR glasses, the transmission is stable and fast with smooth network, and the quality of communication is very clear. The humanized remote software for remote maintenance of smart glasses can also mark and interact with synchronous images, which is superior to other remote software on computer. At the same time, BT-350 smart glasses can transmit the relevant installation manual through the screen in real time, through the remote guidance of smart glasses, operators no longer need to search the tutorial by hand, just follow the tutorial of remote collaboration of smart glasses on the screen step by step, intuitive and error-free. There is no doubt that the collaboration of AR glasses remote guidance has greatly improved the efficiency.

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