Rift S and Quest represent two VR headshow design concepts

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摘要:当Oculus上个月在GDC上展示其最新的PC头显Rift S时,看到侧面的lenovo标志令人惊讶。Oculus解释说,Facebook正与lenovo合作设计和制造头显,并谈到了Oculus选择与联想合作设计和制造Rift S的原因。

When Oculus displayed its latest PC header Rift S on GDC last month, it was amazing to see the side logo of “ lenovo&rdquo. Oculus explained that Facebook was working with Lenovo to design and manufacture the top-notch products, and talked about why Oculus chose to design and build Rift S in collaboration with Lenovo. & ldquo; Rift S is designed in collaboration with Lenovo, which pays close attention to head-up design rather than just manufacturing partners. & RDquo; In fact, Rift S does have striking similarities with Lenovo's other two VRs: Lenovo Explorer and Mirage Solo. Rift S uses & ldquo; halo & rdquo; headband, which is different from Rift, Go and Gear VR. We found Rift S very comfortable, probably because (unlike most halo headwear displays) it also retains a top band that better aligns the lenses with the user's eyes. Asked about the significant differences between Quest and Rift S (such as different straps, number of monitors and IPD adjustments) and whether design represents a shift in design thinking, Oculus said these differences reflected the decisions of two different teams and the product itself. & ldquo; You can think of Rift S and Quest as two different visions of two very different teams, Oculus Rift S using a single display panel and a fixed lens. Unlike the original Rift and the upcoming Oculus Quest, it does not have the function of separating and adjusting mechanical lenses. This means that Facebook's new Rift S is suitable for a smaller range of pupil spacing (IPD). Facebook has confirmed to us that & ldquo; Best & rdquo; IPD suite for Rift S. By comparing this range with the most publicly available IPD data we can find, we can see how many adults are suitable for it.

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