Acer introduces the latest MR Head Display ConceptD OJO to support automatic IPD adjustment

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摘要:宏碁刚刚推出了最新的Windows MR头显ConceptD OJO。在今天早些时候公司年度下一个@acer会议上公布的头显将与他们新的专业电脑阵容ConceptD一同推出。

Acer has just launched the latest Windows MR Head Display ConceptD OJO. Earlier today, the company's annual & ldquo; next @acer & rdquo; prominent announcements at the conference will be launched with their new professional computer lineup ConceptD. According to Acer, ConceptD OJO will use 4K resolution and 4,320x2,160 display screens, the same size as the latest WMR head display HP Reverb. However, although Reverb has fixed IPD (pupil distance) lenses that are automatically adjusted by software, OJO provides validated manual IPD adjustments. Although this seems to be a minor change, the rise of fixed lens systems in new headsets has raised concerns among those with incompatible IPDs outside the acceptable range of devices. Manual adjustment ensures that those with rare IPD measurements can enjoy the experience correctly. Other noteworthy features include the patented & ldquo; sound tube technology & rdquo; and removable design, which allows users to remove monitors and lenses from the rest of the device. The total number of pixels of ConceptD OJO is 2.25 times that of Acer's original OJO 500 head display, and the resolution of each eye is as high as 1,440× 1,440. ConceptD OJO uses the concept of two separate monitors, which Acer says will include IPD adjustments that allow users to better align with their eyes by adjusting the distance between lenses to get into the best position. Similar to OJO 500, ConceptD OJO uses a removable sunshade design that allows easy replacement of headrest. The headset has undergone a major redesign and has moved from the halo band to the top band, which looks very similar to the StarVR One headset. ConceptD OJO's new function is to achieve open-ear audio through sound tube design. Similar to Oculus's latest headset, this means that audio does not require earmuffs or separate headphones at all. ConceptD OJO adopts the technology of inside-out tracking, and can realize the complete 6DOF tracking without external sensors. The company hasn't talked about controllers yet, but we expect it to support standard Windows VR controllers. HP Reverb will be launched this month. As the next generation of Windows Hybrid Reality Head Display begins to be launched, performance changes such as internal to external tracking, 4K resolution and various forms of IPD adjustment are predicting the growing platform for MR.

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