The Wing of Dream exhibition hall of the World Expo is officially opened, at which time the audience can experience the VR to fly the plane.

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Among them, the five major display sectors include the Air China "one belt" route, the civil aviation development course and the Air China story, the Air China green operation concept, the special poverty alleviation project, the brand image and the bosom friend show. The 3 interactive zones consist of the flying experience area, the future aircraft design and the aviation lecture hall. Located in the middle of the exhibition area, Zhongdao District is a model demonstration of the theme painted aircraft "Colorful World Park" and the main aircraft models of Air China World Park.

Aeronautical biofuels on display in the exhibition hall

At the opening ceremony, Ma Chongxian, Vice General Manager of China Aviation Group Co., Ltd. and Vice President of China International Aviation Co., Ltd., said that the "Wing of Dream" exhibition hall was a miniature demonstration of the construction of ecological civilization of China Aviation. In the future, Air China will use more technological innovations to serve passengers.

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