“Harry Potter AR” is officially released, landing in Australia, New Zealand, to help you incarnate magician

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 2019年05月03日)澳大利亚和新西兰的魔法师们现在终于可以步入“哈利·波特”的世界,因为由WB Games San Francisco和Niantic合作开发的《Harry Potter: Wizards Unite》beta版本已经正式于当地发行。用户可以马上前往App Store或Google Play下载测试版。

The game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite reproduces the LBS game aesthetics of Niantic's Pokemon Go and Ingrees, and draws on the elements of games such as Ghostbusters World, The Walking Dead: Our World and Jurassic World Alive.

The story of the game revolves around a great catastrophe, a group of magical creatures and a series of magic items scattered from the magical world to our Muggle world. In order to trace them, the just magician sets out to real world parks, museums and libraries, captures them with spells and sends them back to the original world.

Similar to Pokemon Go, where players use fairy balls to capture elves, magicians need to gather magic power, which can be supplemented by magic hotels locked in with real-world Muggle locations. Players can also brew potions from herbal greenhouse materials and unlock portals to the magical world. Players will be confronted with magic duels, death eaters and Dementors in multiplayer battles. You can choose different professions in the game, which brings a sense of role playing to magic battle.
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