8K Panoramic Camera Pilot Era Landing Indiegogo

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摘要:Pilot Era是一款一体化360 VR摄像机,近日,这款摄像机正式登陆众筹平台Indiegogo,那么这款相机大概什么时候会上线呢?让我们一起来看一下吧。

A 6021 Pilot Era is an integrated 360 VR camera. Recently, this camera has officially landed on Indiegogo, a crowdsourcing platform. When will this camera go online? Let's take a look at it. Pilot Era is a professional camera. It has won the CES Asia Innovation Award in 2018, the US Dollar Award in 2018 and the Street View Certification in Google. Previously, the device has been sold globally. On Indiegogo, they only set a crowd-raising target of $20,000, which shows that it is mainly for marketing purposes rather than fund-raising. The project currently has 49 supporters, raising $81,339. According to official description, the VR camera has the following characteristics: 3.1-inch touch screen, real-time preview and full control functions based on Android customized Filot OS operating system, support OTA updating 8K 24FPS/6K 30FPS video camera mosaic with optical flow stitching 8K photos through Wi-Fi/Ethernet and 4G to achieve independent 4K 30FPS live broadcasting support for Google Street View (GSV) media creation. Built-in GPS, built-in 9-axis gyroscope, more stable picture

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